Insomniac Frightmare Killers Trailer

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A disturbed loner suffering from insomnia goes through a series of bad luck and becomes detached from reality. As he falls asleep his nightmares seem to become reality. CAST Nicholas M. Garofolo, Lauren Collier, Taryn Danielle, Marc Thalasitis, Virginia Bell, Meredith Binder, Emmeline Prior, Megan Miles, Laura Pelliccia, Hana Leigh, Stephanie Mautone, Mat Drinkwater, Louis Cataldo, Steven Wishman, Dave Sweeney, Greg Mays, Elaina Braverman, Steven Wishman, Bobbi Owens, James Zeiss, Kristina Donnellan, Gary Drew, Scott Churchson. Music Composer Adam Shapiro. Original Soundtrack includes SnakeBite!, DSM-0, Fear Illustrated and Calvin S. Bennett. Filmed on Cape Cod

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