How to Fix HP Printer Supply Memory Error

Has your HP printer ever experienced a problem, letting you to see an on-screen message saying “HP Printer supply memory error?” If yes, then you must try to turn the device on and off, remove and insert the toners.

But when there is nothing to make your printer work normally again, it is likely that you will give up.

No, you don’t have to. There are three things only to learn and you will get your printer back to work normally as you wish.

What are they? Learn why your HP printer send you a message of supply memory error, learn what things that cause the error and learn how to fix the supply memory error to make your device able to perform its functions again.

Why Your HP Printer Send You A Message of Supply Memory Error

Do you want to know why your HP printer displays a supply memory error message? In fact, supply memory error occurs when the metal contacts or microchip on a toner cartridge do not connect well to the corresponding contacts inside the printer device.

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Accordingly, the printer is unable to detect the toner cartridge and showing the error message on the display panel.

This error frequently occurs just after you replace an empty cartridge with a new toner. Well, there are still some causes why your HP printer shows you such error.

Check out more details we include in this article.

What Things That Cause Supply Memory Error

Now a big question is; What causes the supply memory error on your HP printer? There are basically for major causes of supply memory error on HP printer.

Those are the lose packaging, damaged metal contacts that make the no longer connected to each other, broken plastic pieces and the outdated printer software.

So check how to fix the error based on the above causes in the following review sections below:

How To Fix Supply Memory Error Completely

The fixes on how to resolve the HP Printer supply memory error are based on each of the causes.

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The fixes may be different one to another depending on what major cases making the printer device stop working. So, let’s check all the detailed explanation below:

When The Packaging Is Loose

HP Printer Supply Memory Error

The supply memory could get in trouble might be because of the loose packaging. Pay attention to the orange protective strips and plastic clips that protect the package during transported.

Remove these strips across the drum before you install a new toner. Otherwise, your HP printer will not work normally.

Squashed Metal Contact

HP Printer Supply Memory Error

HP Printer Supply Memory Error

There are basically two metal contacts that help you to correspond the contacts on the cartridge. These metal contacts must meet and touch for each other to allow the device for printing.

If they don’t “meet and touch”, the printer think that the toner has not been installed yet. Thus, your printer cannot perform printing.

To fix this error, you need to turn off the printer and remove the toner cartridge and search for something that looks like a microchip or two metal squares.

If they are squashed back instead of being connected, pull them forwards. Do it gently. This is aimed to connect the two metals to the toner when you install it again.

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Outdated Software

To keep your printer device performing well, every manufacturer will usually update the printer software with the new one.

If the software has been outdated, the printer will not be able to work properly.

To solve this problem, you can go visiting Google and find the latest firmware or software to update your HP printer.

You can also head to HP official website to get the updates easily.

Broken Plastic Pieces

HP Printer Supply Memory Error

A damaged toner cartridge along one of the sides makes the plastic slots broken. This also means that the slots doesn’t sit properly inside the printer device.

The one best solution to fix this issue is to replace the toner cartridge with a new one.

Overall, the HP Printer supply memory error can occur when you install a compatible toner cartridge and the data on the cartridge microchip has been updated.

If you have tried all the suggested steps above and cannot fix the error, the only way to deal with it is replacing it with a new one.

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