How to Fix HP Printer in Error State (Update)

If you are unable to print on your HP printer, there might be HP printer in error state occur on the device. In fact, HP printer is also prone to various hard-to-troubleshoot problems though it is listed as one of the most popular printer brands in the market today.

If you have already had this HP printer, it is likely that you encounter error state message on it on your screen. Now let’s find the causes why issue of HP printer in error state occurs as well as the way to fix it.

The Causes of HP Printer in Error State

HP printer in error state is a message that is displayed in a popup box on your computer screen when you are trying to get connected with the printer or to print from your device. In this case, there are some possible causes why the error state occurs.

Based on our investigations, the HP printer in error state is caused by the recent software change like the Windows update that interferes with the communication between the printer and the system of the printer.

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Among the list of causes, this is the most possible cause why error state occurs in HP printer.

Other causes include the improper cable connection, network issue and even the corrupted device drivers. To fix such error, it is highly recommended that you perform some of the following solutions.

Solutions for HP Printer Error State

As we have mentioned earlier, error state is a message associated with the printer’s lack of response when you are going to print. This can be very much frustrating since it is a difficult problem on printer to deal with.

To help you easily deal with the error state on your HP printer, here are the steps to perform.

Check The Physical Connections Between The Computer and The Printer

Checking the physical connection between the computer and the printer is considered as the easiest and simplest solution of all.

This way, test your printer’s cable for any signs whether there is a damaged on it. This is due to the fact that cable damage can prevent communication between the computer and the printer.

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Sometimes, you can simply restart either the computer or the printer as a solution to the error state.

So turn off the computer and the printer completely, leave for a few minutes and turn them back on again to check whether or not the issue is fixed.

Confirm Your Printer’s Online Status

The second step to perform in order to fix the error state is to confirm the printer’s online status. If your printer’s status is offline, the error state may likely to happen, so the message error state will appear on your display.

Do the following steps to fix the error state:

  • Press “Start” and select “Control Panel”.
  • Opt for “Devices and Printers”.
  • See if your printer is in the list and confirm the status. If your printer is online, the status will be “Ready”.
  • If your printer’s status not Ready, you may need to bring it online. So just right-click the icon and opt for “Use

Printer Online”. This change will lead your printer to a “Ready” status, meaning that it is in an online status.
Verify That You Have Loaded The Paper into The Printer

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No paper available in the paper tray can also be an error state. It is simple but it cause the print unable to perform printing.

So the first thing to do is turn off the printer, load the paper and turn the printer back on. Wait for a few minutes until you see the “Ready” status. Make a print job to test.

Reinstall The Printer Driver

The other step to deal with how to fix HP printer in error state is reinstalling the printer driver. So, visit the HP support website and click the Download link available in the list.

Next, double-click the file and extract the driver to your choice directory in your PC. Then, go to the directory and double-click the .msi file to run the installer of the driver package.

An installer app will start running and updating your HP printer’s driver. Once the process is complete, restart your computer and printer. Last, confirm that your device is working properly.

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