How to Fix HP Internal Battery Error 601

Today, our article will go with the topic of HP internal battery error 601 fix at which you or other readers will find a way to fix such troubleshooting. Simply, the PC will display this error 601 to indicate that there is an issue with the battery.

It has been considered that the simplest technique to solve the issue is unplugging and plugging back the hardware that causes the issue.

Once you are alerted of HP battery error, make sure you take a quick action to run a test for the component before starting the device.

In this regards, Windows Reports offer solutions on how to fix internal battery error 601 on your HP devices and also the tips to maintain your system’s battery. Now let’s check out the steps given in the solutions offered below:

Solutions On How To Fix HP Internal Battery Error 601

To fix the internal battery error 601 on your HP devices, there are some steps that you must completely follow.

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Step 1: Re-Insert The Battery

  • Turn your PC off as the primary step to perform.
  • Remove the plug of your laptop from the power supply. This way, you need also remove the battery.
  • Once you finish removing the laptop’s battery, press and hold the power button down for not more than 25 seconds.
  • Insert the battery back into your laptop and plug it in the power cord.
  • Last, turn your laptop on.

Removing the battery and re-inserting it into the laptop are considered the simplest way of fixing an internal battery error 601.

When you finished performing the steps, turn your laptop on and check whether the error message still occurs or not.

Step 2: Run A Test On The Battery

  • Turn off your HP laptop or computer.
  • Turn it on and press ESC key to open the Startup Menu.
  • When you are in the Startup Menu Display, press F2 key to open the menu of HP PC hardware diagnostic.
  • Press Component Test in the main menu.
  • The Component Test will view a list. Click on your option and power.
  • In the Power Tests list, select Battery.
  • On the Battery Test, press Run Once. This is aimed to start the Battery Test.
  • Follow the wizard in order to manage your computer or laptop’s battery.
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For an HP internal battery error 601 fix, Battery Test is the System diagnostic process enabling the HP users to check their PC or laptop’s battery performance so that you can optimize the usage.

Depending on the message displayed to you at the end of the test, you may need to replace it if the battery didn’t pass the test.

Step 3: Run The PC With No Battery

  • Shut down your PC as the first step.
  • Unplug the laptop from the power supply. Then, remove the battery.
  • When the battery has been removed, press and hold the power button for at least 20 seconds.
  • Later, try to plug in the power cord into your PC with no battery.
  • Finally, turn on your PC and check whether the error is resolved.

Step 4: Replace Your Laptop Battery

In addition to fix the HP internal battery error 601, the final step that you may want to consider is replacing your pc laptop’s battery. It is quite possible that the battery life may have decreased due to a specific reason.

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In this regards, you could definitely purchase an original HP battery from HP’s certified retailers, Amazon or other computer stores which are highly reputable.

However, make sure that the battery you purchase is a brand new to avoid the damaged battery. Believe it or not, a damaged battery can affect your pc performance.

Tips To Lengthen The Battery Lifespan

In order that you will not face the same error and the HP internal battery error 601 fix, there are some tips we would also like to share to lengthen the battery lifespan.

When you have fully charged your laptop, unplug the power adapter directly and use your laptop with the battery power.

Further, you should discharge the battery to 70 percent and remove it if you want to store the laptop for one month or more. If you are using the laptop at home, you can remove the battery and use the laptop with the power adapter.

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