How to Fix HP Cooling Fan Error in 4 Simple Ways

For any machine like HP, cooling fan is considered as an essential component that help decrease the heat from the system and let it cool.

Generally, when there is a HP cooling fan error, you will receive a message saying “The System has detected that a cooling fan is not operating correctly.” This means that there is an error on the cooling fan that you need to fix.

The Causes HP of Cooling Fan Error

Mostly, this error is sourced from the hardware mechanism of how the cooling fan works. In this case, there are usually three wires that gets connected into a cooling fan.

The wires include the red, black and yellow wires. The yellow wires control the speed by performing instructions sent by Basic Input Output System (BIOS).

When a device performs a high end tasks like gaming, BIOS tells the cooling fan to spin faster. On the other hand, when the device is on idle, the BIOS tells it to spin slower.

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The issue can also occurs when there is any potential damage in the cooling fan. However, this is not the main thing we are going to take into discussion. We focus on how to fix HP cooling fan error.

How To Fix HP Cooling Fan Error

The steps we are going to share will actually applicable to of types of laptops and desktops, including the HP ones. So let’s check them all out below and follow:

Clean the Fan, Air Vent and Thermal Paste

There are probably dust and other particles clogged inside the cooling fan, causing it spinning faster and louder than it is normally.

This makes the fan less efficient in cooling down a heating device. To deal with this case, follow these simple steps:

  1. Turn your system off and disassemble the components.
  2. Clean the dust using air compressor and give it a light blow.
  3. Use a piece of cloth along with an alcohol to clean the Air Vents and the Thermal paste.
  4. Reassemble the components an turn your system on again.
  5. Check whether or not the error pursuits.
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Make Diagnostic Check

The second idea to solve the cooling fan error is to make a diagnostic check. This is aimed to find out whether your cooling fan are running properly or not. Follow the steps below:

  1. Press F12 key as the first step.
  2. Press “Diagnostic Option” to let the test to start running and testing all of the internal components including HP cooling fan.
  3. Select “No” option to perform a Memory Test.
  4. Press Custom Test for the next step.
  5. Select “CPU Fan” from the device and carry out the test.

Run A Power Reset

The Thermal values that are corrupted in the memory will lead not only to the hardware issues and glitch it but also to the cooling fan error.

In this regards, performing a power reset will allow you to basically remove all the power from the system and reset all of the Thermal values on the memory.

To perform a power reset, follow the steps below:

  1. Turn off the laptop completely.
  2. Take the battery out as well as the power code.
  3. Remove all of the peripheral components.
  4. Press and hold the power button for about 10 – 15 seconds.
  5. Insert the battery back to the laptop.
  6. Turn your computer on and start the Windows normally.
  7. Connect all the peripherals again.
  8. Finally you successfully complete a power reset for your system.
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Replace The Cooling Fan

If you have tried all the steps we have just shared above yet you still receive an error messages saying “Fan the (processor fan) fan failed to respond correctly”, this means that the fan may be died. Therefore, the final option should be replacing it with the new one.

You could surely purchase a new cooling fan from a local shop in your hometown or from some online shopping sites. This way, don’t forget to identify your current model of the cooling fan before continuing to purchase.

Now you don’t have to worry about to fix your HP cooling fan error. Perform one of the steps we already shared that is more suitable with your device.

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