How to Fix HP 8610 Printhead Error (100% Fixed)

HP 8610 Printhead Error – Operating a printer machine must be familiar not only with how to make a print job but also with how to deal with the common problem on printer.

Mostly, the errors occur on the way you are installing the device, facing paper jam, the printer is unable to print, or there are other possible and technical issues.

This time, we focus on discussing the HP 8610 Printhead Error that you might also face.

Through the guide we are going to share below, it is expected that you can find solution to your problem. So let’s check the guide now and take an action.

Guide 1: Reset Your HP 8610 Printer

The first guide to resolve the printhead error on your HP 8610 printer is to reset it. There are 6 simple steps you need to perform in order to solve the error.

1. First, turn on your HP printer.

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2. Second, wait for a few moments until the printer is read. Never continue when the printer is still idle and silent.

3. Next, take out the power cord of the backside of your HP printer when the printer is already turned on.

4. Take out the power cord of the electrical socket.

5. The fifth step requires you to wait for 60 seconds.

6. Last, plug the power cord back into the electrical socket.

Once you finish the steps, it is highly recommend that you connect the printer’s power cord directly to the power source outlet.

So, the next thing to do is to connect the power cord to the printer’s backside. Later, turn on your HP printer manually if it cannot turn on automatically.

Don’t take any action until the printer is silent and idle. Last, check whether the error is solved.

If the HP 8610 Printhead Error still exists, try the guide 2 below.

Guide 2: Reseat Your HP Printer’s Printhead

To reset the printhead, there are three parts along with each steps you must follow. However, before you get started with this reset action, keep in mind that the prithead must not be removed from its carriage.

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Part 1: Unseating the PrintHead

In unseating the printhead, you need to firstly open the carriage to the printer’s left side. Wait until the printer is idle and silent.

Secondly, remove the power cable from the printer’s back part. Next, unplug the printer to avoid the moving carriage.

Afterwards, lift the carriage latch upside and hold the printerhead’s sides. Lift them without taking it out of the carriage.

Part 2: Reseat The Printhead and Low Down the Carriage Latch

In part 2, there are several steps to follow carefully. Those are as follows:

  • Place the printhead inside the printer’s carriage until it clicks automatically into its place.
  • Move the printhead left and right to have a proper seating.
  • Low down the latch of the carriage now.
  • Close the access door of the ink cartridge.
  • Connect the power cord to the printer’s back side.
  • Press the power button of your HP printer.
  • Don’t take any step when the printer is still idle or silent.
  • Check if the error is solved. If not, go to perform part 3.
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Part 3: Reseat The Printhead Three Times

If HP 8610 Printhead Error still exists, you need to repeat the complete instructions of all parts up to three times.

And when you finish doing it, you might be viewed one of the following error messages on the printer’s control panel.

  • Missing or failed printhead
  • Problem with ink system
  • Ink system failure
  • Carriage jam
  • Printer failure

If the printhead is still showing an error, you need exactly jump to Guide 3.

Guide 3: Replace the HP Printer’s Printhead

The last guide when failed printhead still occurs is simply replacing it with the new one. In this step, there are only three things to take into actions.

First, check the warranty status of the printhead. Second, order the new printhead and third, replace the printhead.

Printhead replacement is the final guide to resolve the HP 8610 Printhead Error when any guide above cannot fix the error.

However, you should ensure the quality of your new printhead is good so that you don’t have to replace it many times.

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