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💥 Water Fasting Weight Loss 3 Days | water fasting 30 days BIG Results (No BS water fast)
3 Day water fast weight loss results

What is water fasting? Learn what a “water fast” is. Water fasting is a great way of burning fat fast.

Adding this “weird” ingredient to your smoothie

burns 3 pounds (1,3kg) in 3 days

To answer the question “is water fasting safe”, it undoubtedly is for short duration as it boosts the immune system and gives your digestive system a break. Following the easy to do water fasting weight loss 3 days diet, can have great health benefits to you as well as losing weight.

Water fasting results with this fasting without dieting has been proven with scientific studies to establish predictable results. Water fasting weight loss results are just one of the reasons people fast for.

The typical 3 day water fast weight loss results will vary based on your body type, but losing 2 pounds (1kg) of fat a day is what can be expected. Water fasting 10 days straight can bring great weight loss results in a very short time, this is also the case for 7 day water fast results over the span of just a week.

What to know before starting a water fast for 3 days with weight loss in mind. This video will also layout 3 day water fast benefits associated with following this diet. If you wondered how long can you fast with water, it’s recommended you seek a medical assessment of your health first for periods longer than 3 days.

Ending your diet is a crucial part of making sure your fat loss is maintained so knowing what to eat after a water fast is a must follow.

Other things to keep in mind when following the three day water fast or extending it to a 20 day water fast for large weight loss, proper preparation in the days leading up to the start of your diet. These are all addressed.

Fast your way to fat loss!!

How you can lose 20 pounds (that’s 9 kilograms) as fast as possible with waterfasting.

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What is water fasting?

We find it’s meaning in the term itself, which is a type of fast you carry out within a timeframe where you don’t consume anything besides water. Water fasting restricts calories which will force your body to consume it’s fat deposits making you lose weight at a rapid rate. This is also referred to as ketosis.

The timeframe is normally completely defined by the individual, but typically lasts 1-3 days. It is recommended that you not fast for longer than this without seeking a medical practitioners’ advice assessing your health first.

Let’s break it down:

How much weight can you lose water fasting 3 days straight?

Research has been done to draw a conclusion on the amount of weight typically lost over the period of a 3 day water fast diet. It was found that a person can lose up to 2 pounds (that’s almost a kilogram) each day of the water fast period.

The unfortunate thing however is, that a large amount of that weight comes from carbohydrates, muscle mass and the water itself. For this reason it is best to eat a good low carb diet as you prep for a 3 day water fast, which we will look at in our next point.

A word of warning!!

While it is perfectly safe for most people to do a short-term water fast, the following people should not fast:
people who have to take medication; pregnant and breastfeeding women; those that suffer from diabetes; children; individuals who are under weight (with a BMI lower than 18.5) and persons with eating disorders.

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Now, preparing for your 3 day fast:

As we mentioned earlier eating a low-carb diet in the days leading up to your fast, you can make the transition into ketosis much easier. To list some low-carb foods to include in your diet are foods like organic vegetables, organic nuts, pastured meats and pastured animal fats for about 3 days before your fast.

Here are some benefits of being on a 3 day water fast:

  1. Weight loss;
  2. Boosts your immune system;
  3. Reduced inflammation;
  4. Better blood-sugar regulation;
  5. Gives the digestive track a break.

When you go back to your normal diet, keep in mind that you are most likely to gain the weight again, that’s why ending your fast the right way can help you keep the weight off for longer.

Any fast should be broken with a light meal or snack, for example, a piece of fruit. For the following few days, it’s best to take it easy and avoid going overboard on heavy meals or caffeine and alcohol.

The stomach’s production of hydrochloric acid (HCl), lowers as a result of the lack of food to break down in the stomach during your fast. That is why the stomach needs to adjust before you start eating again. Eating too much or consuming a lot of high-fat or very acidic foods and beverages, could result in an overproduction of HCl and also lead to painful acid reflux.

Here are some tips to stick to your water fast:

Most dieters drink approximately 2-3 liters of water per day during their fasting. Some people may feel dizzy and experience fatigue. That’s why it’s wise to avoid strenuous physical exertion, avoid driving or operating heavy machinery.

_Layout your goals

Set milestones that are realistic to you. Decide how long you’re going to fast for. Be clear about what it is you wish to accomplish with your fast – whether it’s weight loss, better overall health or something else. Be sure to understand the challenges and potential risks associated with long term fasting.

_Ignore other’s opinions

Your motivation, enthusiasm and desire to stick to this diet may be ruined by people around you. People close to you may discourage you from sticking to your fast. You can stick to your own opinion. Just remember to listen to your body and make your health the number one priority.

_Monitor your body

It is critical to listen to your body and pay attention to its reaction to your new nutrition regime. If you feel bad and understand that fasting is too tough for you, it is better to try other diets that will be more balanced and healthy. It is also important to monitor your progress. For example, you can take photos or weigh yourself regularly. In this way you’ll see your first results and stay motivated.

That’s it!!

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