How to Turn on Coordinates in Minecraft Xbox

This information will guide you on how to turn on coordinates in Minecraft Xbox. Coordinates are essential for each player. It helps to locate and inform the players using numeric code.

However, players can not enable your Cheats. It makes them lose their accomplishment. The following article will focus on turning on the coordinates of your Minecraft Realms in the Xbox version.

First, you can start by entering your realm. Players should open their realm account. You can do from the existing game or create a new world.

Access only the one that you desired to make the coordinates available. So, you can manage your Minecraft world coordinates.

Second, you can move to the next step. Proceed by entering the settings symbolized by the pencil icon. Make sure you tap the button to enable you for the following steps.

Third, after finding the Settings, you have to click it. Through this, your Settings open and become available to access.

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The Settings menu allows you to continue to another process. You have to Scroll down until you find another button. This button has an important function.

It is a Download world button. Make sure you click this function, and your downloading process is running.

Fourth, your download is complete. It means you can continue with other steps. In this part, you should return to the earlier menu.

After you go back to your options menu, you are available to do the next part. Let’s see the below stage.

Fifth, you will see your copied Realm. After you download it, you can see it beside your original Minecraft world. You will have both of them located side by side.

In the following part, you can see how to enable the coordinates using the copied one. Then, you can keep your original Minecraft Realm.

Sixth, once you understand how to turn on coordinates in Minecraft Xbox, you may practice it directly. It is a fun and enjoyable process.

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Find the Settings menu shown by the pencil icon. You have to click this menu bar. Remember to do it only to your copied Minecraft Realm and leave your original as it is.

Seventh, this process is almost the same in the earlier paragraph. Access the lower down of the Settings menu.

Be sure to scroll down until you can see the world options. After that, you can enable the Show Coordinates.

Next, you can return to the previous page. Once you are out from this page, you will be back to Game options. Then, hit the Settings for your default Minecraft Realm.

Eight, this step allows you to confirm the above part. By doing it, you almost reach the end of the process.

What you should do is click the Replace world menu. After you find out the Confirm button, tap it. Thus, your Coordinates are available now.

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Ninth, you can check it in this step. You have to open your Minecraft Realm now and see how your Coordinates work.

You may see it from your screen. It is located in the top left corner.

Aside from the above method, players can use the Commands to turn it on. You can find it from the Chatbox inside the game.

There is a code that you should enter into the chat window. The following are the commands.

Use this command only to turn on your coordinates

/gamerule showcoordinates true.

Meanwhile, enter

/gamerule showcoordinates false

if you want to turn it off.

By enabling the coordinates, you can see the distance to other players. It is also possible for you to know which one is east or west. Now, you have finished doing how to turn on coordinates in Minecraft Xbox.

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