How to Teleport to a Coordinate in Minecraft

Learn how to teleport to a coordinate in Minecraft to a new location. The teleport commands the player when they have the OP Permissions.

It is commanded to allow players to remove the threats by teleporting them away, joining friends by zooming into their locations or want to generate and explore new locations in Minecraft seeds.

Teleportation’s command in PC

1. Launch Minecraft on the computer and select the desired world to load

2. Click the option” single player”, choose “creative world” to load. A new world able to be loaded by choosing “ Create New World” at the bottom of the screen option.

Remember, the creative world should be enabled with cheats.

3. Click at “Play Selected World” and wait to load. Wait for the “create New World command to appear again and load the world.

4. Determine the place you desired to teleport to. The different coordinates of X, Y, Z help the player find the location from a specific player.

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The “X” coordinates are the east or west position of the spawn point. The Z coordinates are the north or south spawn point.

The Y coordinate is the elevation of the bedrock above.

5. Load the game console by using the “/” key from the keyboard

6. In the teleport command emerging, type with “teleport name x y z” into the console.

You also need to replace the box “name” with your username, replace box “ X” with vertical coordinate and Z with north or south coordinate.

7. Hit “ enter” and the command will teleport your character

Not all platforms and versions are enabled for teleporting commands in Minecraft. You need to know if you have versions available with the command.

If you use Java versions, there are commands you need to fill in to teleport.

1. To teleport into a new or old location, the players use the command: teleport <location or destination>

2. To teleport someone or anything else, players need to add the target tag into the command. The command : teleport <target(s)><location or destination>

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In the Bedrock edition, it is more complicated with filling X, Y, and Z coordinates for where the players want to go or the location they want to send another target.

1. Teleport<x,y,z coordinates>

2. Teleport < victim:target> < x,y, z coordinates>

3. To make sure the player does not teleport inside of blocks and die, then players can add the command [checkforblocks:Boolean] at the end of command.

Definitions to know

How to Teleport to a Coordinate in Minecraft

1. Location or point X Y Z is the coordinate X Y Z to teleport to

2. The destination or the destination player is the target selector to teleport to

3. Target player is optional. If there is no specific target player, then the player who runs the command will be teleported.

4. The facing location is the X-Y-Z coordinate which its entity face after being teleported

5. The yRot or y-rot is optional.

The failures

How to Teleport to a Coordinate in Minecraft

The teleportation’s commands can be used by players for manipulating their Minecraft seeds. However, the players need to be careful when spelling and pay attention to the accuracy when using teleporting.

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If players are not careful, it is easy for them to end by teleporting to the sky and dying from falling damage. Other things make the teleportation’s commands not work, for example:

1. When the player misspelled the target name or location

2. When the players add a Boolean check and the area has the block on it such as smooth stone in Minecraft.

3. When the player tries sending entities into the same location as other entity but the entity is not online or there are multiple entity instances

4. The coordinates from the location is higher than X < -30000000, 30000000 > or the Y <-20000000, 20000000>

There are many commands able to do in Minecraft. This guide will help you on how to teleport to a coordinate in Minecraft without failures and die.

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