How to Teleport Someone to You in Minecraft

In this case, you will learn to travel instantly to certain locations in Minecraft, exactly how to teleport someone to you in Minecraft. Note that you can do this on both the computer and mobile versions of Minecraft.

Likewise, in the console edition, you can teleport to a specific player location using the in-game multiplayer host privilege.

In this article, we have divided the tutorial into sections covering the version of mobile, console, and also PC in Minecraft for helping you teleport and reach your destination in an eye’s blink.

The ways to Teleport in your Minecraft from your PC or Mac

Open Minecraft by using a PC.

1. Load or create where you intend to play in a certain world.

2. Go to the place that you intend to teleport well, it may be the base of yours, recreation, or even farm in progress.

In your PC, press the buttons of F3 + Fn + F3 or in your Mac, you can press Alt + F3 + Fn on a Mac.

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It is for displaying the current coordinates of yours under the Minecraft’s mini-map. These coordinates must be taken note as you will need them for teleportation.

If you plan to teleport, you may open your console. You should press the button / contained on the keyboard.

3. Next thing to do is entering the teleport of a command named x y z. Replace the name with your character’s name, x with east/west coordinates, y with vertical coordinates, and also z with north/south coordinates.

You must put the code in the similar or even same order in which you have written it before.

4. You may also teleport to the other locations of players (or bring him to you) using Bert Ernie’s teleport command, that can teleport Bert directly to Ernie’s current location.

5. After typing the command, you can press simply Enter to move the player of yours to your chosen coordinates.

The ways to Teleport in your Minecraft from your Console

Well, basically, before we study the teleportation tutorial on the console, the admin will explain that you can only teleport when hosting multiplayer worlds. Besides that, you may only teleport in this game to other locations of players.

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1. Load your Minecraft from the main console menu.

2. Choose play Games and choose the world you want to load perfectly.

3. Go to the options of Game and you have to be sure that your Host Privileges has been checked.

4. Choose Load and then you must click OK on your alert notifying the player of the achievement lacks and also the updates of leaderboard while playing with home privileges.

5. After the game loads, press options or choices on your Xbox or even Touchpad on your PS4 for accessing the menu of Host.

6. Choose an option of Host and choose the Teleport to your Player.

7. Theb, this step will directly bring you to all player lists playing currently in the world of yours. Just choose one of the users from that list. Then, you will be immediately moved to the current place of theirs.

The ways to Teleport in your Minecraft from your Mobile

The physical keyboard absence may make it difficult for you to enter coordinates.

1. Open the app of Minecraft and load where you intend to play the world.

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2. Access the menu of pause by tapping your screen’s top right – the icon will not always be well displayed but is there.

3. Next, tap your Settings and then you must activate the Cheat toggle to enable teleport use.
close your Minecraft’s menu and then tap the game of Resume.

4. Tap Minecraft’s icon of Chat at Minecraft’s screen, exactly on the top.

5. For getting the current coordinates of yours, press the box of text and type this: /tp Username ~~~ Make sure to replace your Username with your name of Minecraft.

This step won’t move you everywhere, but just a menu command for displaying the current coordinates of yours.

6. For teleporting, tap an icon of Chat, open the box of text and type this: /tp Username X Y Z, where X represents east/west coordinates, Y represents vertical coordinates and Z represents north/south coordinates.

7. Tap a button of Enter to move the character of yours to some specified coordinates.

That’s the article on how to teleport someone to you in Minecraft. Hopefully, it will be useful.

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