Tutorial: Submit Videos

Submit YouTube Video Links to QUICK STARE

How to Submit a YouTube or Vimeo video URL.

Writing a Good Title is The Key to Success.

  1. Enter your website, channel or profile URL/Link (optional).
  2. Enter a keyword rich video title that really describes the video.
  3. Enter a few keywords separated by commas.
  4. Enter the video description text.
  5. Select a category.
  6. Copy and paste in the video link.
  7. Verify you are not a robot.
  8. Press Submit Video.

You can then check your submission and edit it via the menu Posts>+ My Posts or Edit Posts. Simply make any changes and then press the update button.

You can also create custom posts with any website URL and including the following embeddable video sites – YouTube – Instagram – Twitter – Vimeo – Facebook – Videopress – WordPress TV – Vine – Flickr – Blip – Animoto – Giphy – Hulu – Twitch – Dailymotion – Metacafe – TED.

Videos submitted to Quick Stare will be published with all the correct structured data markup and open graph data that search engines and social networks use the understand and display content correctly. New and updated posts will also be submitted for indexing by Google search, instantly via an API, along with creating an accelerated mobile page version (AMP Page), that may be cached by Google for super fast loading speeds on mobile devices. You may have noticed in Google’s mobile search results, AMP listings have a bolt icon ⚡ and load instantly. Visit the QUICK STARE AMP website here.

If you want to add more intricate and elaborate features to the video post, then creating a custom post is the way to go. See the Custom Post Tutorial here.

Submit Videos here.

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