How to Smelt in Minecraft Game

How to Smelt in Minecraft and why do you need to smelt? If you want to get refined goods, you have to smelt raw materials. However, you cannot smelt anything if you do not have the right tool.

You also need to prepare the necessary items to smelt something. Follow these steps to make sure that you can smelt products in Minecraft.

Craft a Furnace

How to Smelt in Minecraft Game

You cannot smelt anything if you do not have a furnace in your inventory. Yes, you can say that a furnace is essential for smelting various items.

How can you have it in your inventory? You need to craft it, of course, just like many other items in Minecraft. To make a furnace, you need to open the crafting table.

You also have to prepare the ingredients for crafting a furnace. You need eight Cobblestones to craft a furnace in Minecraft. Just like when you have to craft other items, you have to follow a specific recipe for crafting a furnace.

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According to the specific recipe, you have to add the required materials in a certain pattern. The Cobblestones must be placed to every box in the crafting grid but the center box.

You can see the furnace icon in the box next to the right of your crafting table. For the last step, you only need to move your furnace to your inventory.

Use Your Furnace

How to Smelt in Minecraft Game

Now, you can go further to the next step on How to Smelt in Minecraft. Once again, you need to use the furnace to smelt items. You can put items that you want to smelt into the furnace block.

But for smelting them, you also need to put something to burn within the furnace. To do this, you need to place the furnace on the ground. You need to open the menu by right-clicking on the furnace icon.

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You can put items you want to smelt in the top slot of the furnace. Your furnace cannot run properly until you add items you want to burn in the bottom part of your furnace.

There are many things you can smelt in your furnace. You might want to smelt iron blocks. It means that you need to put the iron blocks in the top slot of the furnace.

And you have to add the coal to burn in the bottom slot of the furnace. You can find the smelted item in the box to the right of your furnace.

What to Smelt

Once you have a furnace, you can smelt a lot of things but it does not mean that you can just smelt anything. First of all, you can smelt raw foods and make them into cooked foods from cooked porkchop to dried kelp.

Of course, you need to follow the recipe for smelting the raw foods in your furnace. Besides foods, you can also smelt ores with various kinds of recipes.

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The products include copper ingot, iron ingot, gold ingot, and Netherite scrap. Some other items such as diamond, coal, and several other items can be smelt but it might be so much better to mine it using a pickaxe.

You can even smelt other products such as glass, spine, iron nugget, and gold nugget.

What to Burn

Since you have to add items to burn into the furnace when you want to smelt something, you also need to know about items you can burn in the furnace to smelt something.

Various items can be burned in the furnace along with the items to smelt. You can use coal, wood, charcoal, saplings, wooden tools or items, sticks, lava in a bucket, and Blazerods.

If you find those items ready in your inventory, How to Smelt in Minecraft can be completed in no time.

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