How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft – Launched in 2011, Minecraft is a sandbox video game made by a developer named Persson.

Microsoft bought this video game in 2014. Minecraft is the bestseller video game all the time. In the end of 2019, it is reported that this game was sold more than 180 million with more than 120 million active players monthly.

In Minecraft, players will be able to build a world, build structures, crafting weapons and materials, and so on.

This sandbox video game offers some different modes, including the survival mode. In the survival mode, players should be able to get resources to build a world.

Minecraft won many awards and considered as most influential video games of all time.

As it is said before, you need to be able find resources in the survival mode, including setting a spawn point. Below are the steps on how to set a spawn point in Minecraft.

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What is A Spawn Point?

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

Before getting into the guide to set a spawn point, it will be better if you know first what a spawn point is, especially if you are new in Minecraft.

So, when you die, you will respawn again in your minecraft world. And a spawn point is the place where you respawn after you have died.

In the beginning of the game, your spawn point is the place where you start when the world is created. But it is possible for you to change your spawn point anytime you want.

There are 2 ways that you can use to change your spawn point. First, sleep in a bed. You can reset your spawn point when you sleep in a bed at night.

You can sleep in several beds. But your spawn point will be the last bed you used to sleep before you die. The second way is using the spawn point command.

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This command enables you to set your spawn point with a game command in no time. Actually, this is a cheating way.

Steps to Set Your Spawn Point

For your information, these steps below use a bed (the first way) to set your spawn point.

Place A Bed

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

Players usually sleep in their beds at night during the game. If you do not have a bed in your inventory, you have to craft it first.

Once you have crafted one, add it to your hot bar and make sure you already selected it in your hot bar. After that, position your pointer on the block where you wish to put your bed.

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

At least two blocks are required to be able to place the bed. The blocks will be highlighted when you position your pointer on them. Once you have selected the blocks, your bed will appear there.

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Sleep in the Bed

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

When it is nighttime, sleep in the bed. You cannot sleep during the day. So, if you play during the day, you have to wait until night so that you can sleep.

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

While you are sleeping, there will be a Leave Bed button pops up. If you want to return to your world while it is still nighttime, click the button.

How to Set a Spawn Point in Minecraft

If you wait and ignore the button, it will turn to morning and you will wake up automatically, standing next to your bed.

Since you have slept in your bed, this means you reset your spawn point. You will respawn in the exact same location when you die in the game. This way, you will not get lost in your world.

That’s it! You successfully set your spawn point.

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