How to Play Minecraft with Friends on PC

Many people love playing Minecraft. This fact is undeniable. Minecraft is a sandbox game created by Mojang game developer.

Why is this game so popular? It is so popular because people can build almost anything using their creative side. They can make it very personal.

However, playing the game alone can be pretty lonely sometimes. There is no need to worry because you can also play along with other players to share your creations.

You might be surprised with the result built by different players’ creativities. It can be challenging sometimes but it can be fun as well because you cannot expect the crazy ideas of other players.

Multiplayer games can be enjoyed in different platforms of Minecraft including the Java Edition. how to play minecraft with friends on pc? You need to install the Java Edition on your PC.

Every player on the same server for a multiplayer game must have the same game version. The multiplayer game can be done with these methods.

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On a LAN

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on PC

The first method to play Minecraft multiplayer on your computer is on a LAN. Here are things to do. First of all, you need to choose a computer that will play the role of a host.

You have to choose the computer carefully because it must be able to play the game fast enough while it is also used as a server for other players to join at the same time.

You can launch the game and choose Single Player for starting the game. Now, you need to open an existing world if you already own one.

If you do not have any, you need to create a new world. After you are inside the chosen world, you need to press Esc. Next, you need to choose Open to LAN.

You have to choose among Creative, Survival, or Adventure game modes. You can choose Start LAN World next. Other players can join as long as they are on the same network.

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The game can be started by connecting via the Multiplayer button.

On an Online Server

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on PC

Minecraft multiplayer mode cannot only be played on a LAN, you can also enjoy the game fun on an online server. Of course, you will have a question about how to play minecraft with friends on pc on an online server. You have to connect to another player’s server in this circumstance.

How to do that? You need to log into the Minecraft game first. Now you can choose Multiplayer and Add Server. The server destination web address or IP address can be entered and you can start your multiplayer game.

Using a Realm

How to Play Minecraft with Friends on PC

You can also enjoy Minecraft multiplayer using a Minecraft Realm. It is a service made by Mojang that is dedicated to a multiplayer game. The Realm will allow you and up to ten other players to play the game simultaneously.

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Before you can use this service, you need to subscribe first. Of course, it means that there will be a subscription price that might be different based on the platform you are using.

If you are using Minecraft Java Edition on PC, you need to open the game and choose Minecraft Realms. Next, you have to choose the Create and Configure Your Realm option. You can enter a world name.

Besides creating your world, you can also use the pre-existing world that is already available in the game.

If you want to continue the game with a standard survival mode, you only need to double-click the Realm.

If you think that the answer about how to play minecraft with friends on pc is pretty complicated, you will find that it is not that complicated.

You have some options to play a multiplayer game after all.

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