How to Play Minecraft Cross Platform PC and Xbox

How to Play Minecraft Cross-Platform PC and Xbox – In the vast gaming community of online multiplayer, a cross-play between different platforms is a dream.

Many gamers love to experience that kind of thing to get a stronger sense of freedom in playing the games.

That applies to many games, including Minecraft. It is reasonable that the question of how to play Minecraft cross-platform PC and Xbox are circulating among the fans of this unique game.

Is it a real thing to play cross-platform Minecraft today? How to do it the right way?

The answer to the question of whether or not Minecraft cross-play is possible is a big yes. This information is available on its official website of

Moreover, it is available on the support page of Microsoft Xbox in terms of this cross-play feature. The cross-play support on Xbox is available on select multiplayer games, including Minecraft as one of them so far.

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Cross-Platform Play of Minecraft Dungeons

The way on how to play Minecraft cross-platform PC and Xbox is easy. The one thing to underline on this matter is Minecraft Dungeons. It is not a new game of Minecraft but a free game update to support cross-play between platforms.

The vast fanbase of Minecraft is too good to have no cross-play between different platforms. It means that players on Sony PlayStation, Microsoft Xbox, Microsoft Windows, and Nintendo Switch can join forces through its multiplayer game mode.

It sounds simple on how to do that thing so far. Is it that simple? Well, it requires a few things to do the right way beforehand. Most importantly, the game needs to be in version with the update of Minecraft Dungeons installed.

Those are the basic requirements for this game to enjoy its cross-platform multiplayer experience with other players who love playing Minecraft.

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Another thing to do on how to play Minecraft cross-platform PC and Xbox is to create a Microsoft account. Users of Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation will need to make one first.

Moreover, any multiplayer service subscriptions are also required accordingly. It means that Xbox users will need to have either Xbox Live Gold or Gamepass Ultimate subscriptions before attempting the so-called cross-platform multiplayer play.

Cross-Platform Play of the Original Minecraft

One thing about doing a cross-platform play of this famous game is that the game version needs to be the same. According to Polygon, Minecraft players can play together with friends, regardless of the platforms they are all in.

Players of Minecraft Java Edition can only play with others who own that version of the game. Different versions will not match for multiplayer.

That applies to the so-called Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. All users of that version can enjoy playing multiplayer together with the help of a Microsoft account.

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Up to eight people can join any session within their circle by searching for Joinable Cross-Platform Friends. They need to be friends in the scope of the Microsoft account they own to perform this thing.

On the other hand, inviting friends to join a game is easy. Open the in-game start menu, and there will be an invite button to do this.

One last trick on how to play Minecraft cross-platform PC and Xbox is by using Realm servers. They stay online so that no host is required to initiate a game session.

A PC user can send an invitation link to the game to others who are using consoles. They need to be friends first over their Microsoft account.

A player who has been using Realm can rejoin it by searching for Joinable Realms. It supports up to eleven players in one session.

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