How to Override HP Ink Cartridge Error

Are you experiencing incompatible HP ink cartridge? You are not alone. It is just one of the common problems found in ink cartridge.

Ink cartridge incompatibility may occur due to human error. Hence, we will also find solutions on how to override HP ink cartridge error and fix the problems.

In this regards, we have summarized the solutions for you so that you don’t have to spend too much time browsing them. Specifically there are several options of how to bypass an incompatible ink cartridge.

Those are the general procedure and the other alternative solutions to take for non-mac computer and HP Smart App.

Refer the following review sections to find more details about each of the procedures.

HP Ink Cartridge Error

Solution 1: General Procedure on How To Override HP ink Cartridge Error

To apply the general procedure to override the ink cartridge error, make sure that the ink cartridge cover off its plastic coverings and wipe down using a cotton ball or other soft scratch-proof material.

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The, follow these steps to give solution to the error.

1. Take out all of the cartridges of the printer.

2. Locate the incompatible ink cartridge back into the printer.

3. Turn off the printer and unplug its power cord from the wall. During this session, please wait for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Plug back the power cord in and turn on the printer.

5. Insert the next incompatible ink cartridges, one at a time, for the first time. Which one will work, it can be saved for later.

6. Turn off the printer for 30 seconds up to 1 minute. Keep it plugged in its position.

7. If your printer is using multiple cartridges, repeat the 5th and 6th step until all of the ink cartridges are installed successfully.

Solution 2: How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error from Non-Mac Computer

The second solution on how to override HP ink cartridge error you can try is to fix the problem through non-Mac computer.

This way, there are only 4 steps to follow. Simply refer to the following details of what to do below:

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1. Visit the printer “Settings” that you can find on your computer which is particularly under the control panel.

2. Search for “Printer properties” or “Advanced printer settings”. Select it.

3. Tap on “Ports” and disable the option.

4. Search for “bidirectional support” and enable the option.

5. Happy printing, everyone!

Solution 3: How To Override HP Ink Cartridge Error from Your HP Smart App

The third solution on how to fix incompatible HP ink cartridge is through HP smart app. Is it possible? Why not?

There are also 4 steps to follow in order that you can override the ink cartridge error on your HP printer. Check them out as follows:

1. First, open your app and head to an option “printer status”.

2. Second, press the printer along with the incompatible HP ink cartridge.

3. The third step requires you to head to your printer and disconnect it from the Wi-Fi.

4. Last, reconnect your HP printer.

5. Happy printing! This should help you fix the incompatible HP ink cartridge error.

Solution 4: How To Override HP Cartridge Protection

Somehow it is necessary to override HP cartridge protection in order that you can solve the incompatible ink cartridge.

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This way, access the printer settings through the menu on your HP printer and toggle off the cartridge protection through the settings.

However, if you handle this process remotely from your computer, your HP printer will prompt you a message about the counterfeit detection.

If you intentionally purchase a third party, your HP printer is questioning whether you purchase the cartridge as a purportedly HP brand cartridge.

This way, don’t click “Yes” as the printer will not allow the cartridge to protect itself.

Solution 5: Reset Your HP Printer

Other solution on how to override HP ink cartridge error is probably resetting your HP printer. In this solution, the factory reset on most HP printers includes turning off the printer and disconnecting the power cable.

Wait for about 30 seconds and reconnect the printer back to the power cord and turn it on while you are also holding the resume button.

Once this process is finished, restart your HP printer to override the HP cartridge protection on your HP printer.

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