How to Make Minecraft Run Faster

Even though the Minecraft seems like a simple game due to its blocky appearance, this game remains problem for some PCs to run.

But if you have same problems as well as many budget-conscious players, there still many ways to solve it. It doesn’t look hard to find the way how to make Minecraft run faster on your PC or mobile device.

Here are several things you need to consider so you can make it faster.

How to Make Minecraft Run Faster in Easier Way

Do you find any problems while playing Minecraft in PC or mobile device? Well, you may need some tutorial about how to fix it immediately.

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This game may look simple and graphic wise, but if you look deeper into this game, it looks heavier than you may though.

If your PC or mobile device don’t come from high-end grade, there will be something called “lag”. So, it’s good to follow this tutorial down below.

  • First, you need to open the video settings menu in Minecraft
  • Go on with switching a “Graphics” mode to “Fast” mode.
  • Complete the process with lowering the “Render Distance.”

Things Needs to be Fixed While Playing Minecraft

1. Graphics

The main option that can affect the speed while playing Minecraft is a Graphics. There will be 2 options you need to take: Fancy and Fast.

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If you switch the game in fancy, so it will run slower. Otherwise, if you turn the Minecraft into fast mode, it may be running faster.

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But we recommend you to switch to fast mode because turning Minecraft into fancy mode will bring you some “lag” while playing this game.

2. Smooth Lighting

Smooth lighting is very useful as a light source of the brightness level. This feature blends together and gives a natural look.

But if you find any lags while playing Minecraft, you can choose to turn smooth lighting off. Turning off the smooth lighting also allows your game to run faster than before.

3. View Bobbing

View Bobbing determines the move of your camera in up or down mode. Further, this setting also gives realistic gameplay into the game.

Even it gives no effect on the performance, but sometimes players find some dizziness due to its setting. So just choose this features based on your desire.

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4. Game Resolution

To get your Minecraft runs faster, another thing you need to consider is game resolution. Lower the resolution of the game also helps you increase performance, even though the game window turns to be smaller at the same time.

To lower game resolution, you need to open Minecraft Launcher while the game is running. Choose “edit profile” then enter a new. Try to choose smaller resolution.

When you find some of lags during your game, it means you have to turn something better in Minecraft.

Guidance explained up above are the simple way you can apply to make your game run faster. So, there is no excuse to be worrying to look for the way about how to make Minecraft run faster.

How to Make Minecraft Run Faster
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How to Make Minecraft Run Faster
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How to Make Minecraft Run Faster
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