How to Make an XP Farm in Minecraft

You can feel free to create many things when playing Minecraft. You can even create custom tools. You can simply rename your tools.

You can also enchant them. To do that, you need experience. That is why you might be asking about how to make an xp farm in minecraft game. Here are some methods you can try to get the most efficient way to get experience.

With a Spawner

The first method for making an XP farm is using a spawner. It is super easy to create an XP farm with a spawner, after all. You only need to mine out a room located around the spawner.

This way, your mob will have enough room to spawn. You also need to push the mob into the hole by using water. The hole must be filled with water. Next, you need to make the hole go up for about 20 blocks.

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At the top of the hole, the mob must be pushed a couple of blocks using water. You can push it in any direction. The water should be made end at another different hole.

As a result, the mob will drop. The health will only be left a little. The mob will die when you hit it in this circumstance. You will find the mobs stacking up over time. It means that you will also get enough experience taken from your farm.

Without a Spawner

Can you only make an XP farm using a spawner? Not really. You can create an XP farm even if you do not use a spawner. You might be wondering whether it will be much more difficult to create an XP farm if you do not use a spawner.

Even without a spawner, making an XP farm can be super easy as well. how to make an xp farm in minecraft? You do not have to mine the area around the spawner in this method.

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Instead, you only need to create a chamber located 20 blocks away from the user. You will find that the mob will spawn 30 blocks away from the user and it is pretty natural.

The mobs will explore the water. They will also flow towards the hole. Once they fall into the hole, you can kill them easily. This way, you can gather experience.

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Without Mobs

What if you do not want or you cannot use mobs for making an XP farm? There is no need to worry because you can still make an XP farm even without using any mob.

To do this, you need to mine ores or smelt items. You can get experience from the ores if you can mine emerald, diamond, Redstone, lapis lazuli, and coal.

You can also try to create a cactus farm that does not need mobs at all. The cactus plan will break a hopper automatically and flow into it. It will go into the furnace and that is the way you can get the cactus green.

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You will get experience from the furnace anytime you take out the cactus green. You only need to do the process constantly to get more experience.

Top Farms

You can make any XP farm you want because it is Minecraft anyway. You can create anything you want. More importantly, the XP farm is offered in various types.

Nevertheless, you might want to make sure that you can create the most efficient farm to get more experience. Besides how to make an xp farm in minecraft, you might also want to know about the best farms to create.

To get the most efficient result, you can consider making an enderman farm, guardian farm, portals farm, fishing farm, and bamboo or cactus farm.

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