How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft? End Portal is a portal to enter the world called The End. Well, it is also the final stage or the ending of the game.

After the player has defeated the Ender Dragon, the final story and the credit appears, this is the ending anyway.

But uniquely, after the Credit ends, players can still play in the world, so actually “Ending” here is not the real “Ending”. Later, you can go there again and kill the Ender Dragon over and over again.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

Meanwhile, the end portal is something that can be created in the game. There is a method you can do for sure. But before that, you may need to know the types of the end portal first. Yes, the different types require different ways of creating. So, here they are.

Functions of End Portal in Minecraft

As has been mentioned above, End Portal is not an ending of the game. Yes, it is technically the ending but you can still play over and over again in case you have not been satisfied with the previous result.

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This is how the end portal becomes important in Minecraft. This craft enables you to play it again even after ending and winning the game.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

Playing Minecraft even seems not complete without making the portal. Although portal making may not be as easy as other things in the game, it is really challenging for many players.

You should not worry. Once you can make it, it becomes easier later and of course, addicting.

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

How to Make an End Portal in Minecraft

There are some steps to make the end portal. The steps are quite easy. But still, you need more practices to make the result perfect. Sure, it is also recommended to enable you to create the portal faster when you need it.

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First of all, you must find the End Portal frame. You can do this method by pressing the “E” button and then typing End Portal. A white item appears and it is continued with a black box in the middle.  You can take around 12 End Portals at once.

Second, it is by looking for the Eye of Ender. The Eye of Ender can be found by pressing the “E” button again and type Eye. A few items.

Make sure you don’t choose the wrong one among the items. Yes, there are mainly 2 types of the Eye. They are the Ender Pearl and the Eye of Ender.

Both eyes have different functions and only the Eye of Ender is used to activate the portal. As this is the Creative mode, there is no need to bother hunting Blaze to pick up rods and kill Enderman for the Ender Pearl.

Third, place a 3×3-size End Portal. At a glance, the end portal design is similar to the nether portal. It is with an exception that usually, the nether portal is sized at 4×4. Meanwhile, for the end portal itself, you can apply it by putting 3 portals on each side to form a box.

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Lastly, you must install the Eye of Ender. After the end portal has been formed, the size of 3×3 has been made. The next step is to put the Eye of Ender. What you must pay attention to is that all End Portals and Eyes must be facing out.

For beginners, the steps mentioned above may sound a little complicated. But you should not worry. After doing it several times, you can just find that the end portal is quite easy to make.

It even doesn’t take too many minutes if you have been professional in this area. So, do you want to try to make the end portal in Minecraft by now?

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