How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

Introduce you to how to make an elevator in Minecraft. You may go up and down in many ways. You can use ladders or stairs too.

However, a water elevator is a specific item. Compared to a regular ladder, it is more interesting. Now, let’s learn it from the following information.

First, you have to prepare all the required material. You must have all before you begin. These items are easy to get.

You will need two water buckets, one magma block, one soul sand block, enough kelp, enough building blocks, and doors. You may use any preferred blocks. Meanwhile, you are allowed to replace the doors with signs.

The amount of each material depends on what you need. The higher your build, the more blocks you need.

Use soul sand biomes and get your magma blocks from nearby lava. It is also possible to find your magma blocks from ocean biomes. Get the kelp from the same spot too.

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Second, make a column from your chosen blocks. Create as high as you like. Remember to have enough material for your plan.

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

It is better to make your platform from cobblestone. Then, divide it into two. By doing this, you can prevent yourself from slipping in between two columns.

Be sure that your platform is secure from water. So, there is no water leaking out. Besides, you have to ensure the water top is fully covered to avoid it becoming frozen.

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You may build two columns side by side. Yet, make sure that you have a minimum space around two-blocks wide. This space enables you to go up and down at ease.

Do not forget to put doors or signs. This step is essential to stop the water from flowing. You have to do the same steps on the top part too.

Then, proceed by filling your columns with water. You have to follow the process step by step in how to make an elevator in Minecraft.

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How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

Third, let’s build your elevator now. This process can be the most tiresome and slow.

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

Continue by changing the whole flowing water into source blocks. It can be a painstaking process because you have to do it one by one. To make it faster, use your kelp on top of it.

Fourth, remove the kelp once you finish. Make sure you fill all the water. Then, you can break the bottom of the kelp.

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

If you see the water still flowing, you should not worry. You can check by placing a block on the top of it. Then, see whether it turns into a source block or not.

This process is essential. Otherwise, your flowing water can not turn into a bubble. Therefore, it is necessary to check it before you start to use your elevator.

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

Proceed to make the upward bubbles by replacing the block under the kelp. Next, create the downward bubbles by replacing the magma block.

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If you want to check your bubbles working, it is easy to do. You can start by seeing whether the water will suck you down or sending you up. You had better check it before you use it.

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

Once this step troubles you, be sure that each block becomes a source block. You can place your kelp to reach each block. It is also possible to target your trouble water blocks using water buckets.

How to Make an Elevator in Minecraft

Thus, you can see your newly built elevator. The signs represent the upward column and the doors mark the downward column.

Now, you can use your elevator. Step into the water column and you will go upward or downward. By learning how to make an elevator in Minecraft, you can go up or down faster and regularly.

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