How to Make a Secret Room in Minecraft

In this article, learn how to make a secret room in Minecraft. Before starting, let us understand the types of this room in Minecraft world.

There are two types of secret rooms. The first is below ground, and the second is above ground. Both require the same process to create it.

First of all, you required the material. Any items for creating this will vary. However, make sure you have enough wood planks, blocks, and other items for this.

The process to make it is simple. You have to prepare the items. Then, start to build.

Second, it is time to build. As mentioned in the earlier paragraph, the difference arises in its location.

The below-ground secret room allows you to build it at the end of a tunnel. Meanwhile, the above-ground lets you create it at the end of a hallway. Whether it is below or above the ground, it almost has the same process to make it.

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You may have learned about how to make a tunnel and a hallway in the earlier paragraph. So, it will be faster for you to make your secret room.

For the below-ground secret room, you should break blocks by pressing the left click. While for the above-ground room, you have to place blocks and tap right-click. Thus, you can choose whether to break or place the blocks.

Third, begin by creating a square room. Make a room at the end of the tunnel or hallway. You can break or place the blocks straight beside it.

You may do the process until you reach the width that you wish. Take, for example, break 15 blocks in your front to get 15 blocks in length for the below-ground room.

If you wish to have an above-ground secret room, you can take the same steps as well. Now, proceed to how to make a secret room in Minecraft in the next step.

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Fourth, create your next side room. You have to move to the other side. So, you can make another wall to add your secret room’s width.

You have to stop for one block short for this step. If you wish to have a width of 15 blocks, you should place or break 14 blocks.

Fifth, proceed with the next side of your room. Similar to the earlier step, you should turn to the other side to make the third wall.

You have to place or break one block less than your expected length. Break or place 14 blocks if your first wall consists of 15 blocks.

How to Make a Secret Room in Minecraft

Sixth, continue with the last wall. You will do the same step again. Turn to another side of the wall.

This process is the same as the earlier. You can break or place one block less than your first wall.

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How to Make a Secret Room in Minecraft

Now, you have a square shape room. You can see a clear picture of this from the attached image.

How to Make a Secret Room in Minecraft

Seventh, finishing your secret room. In this part, you can understand to finalize it, whether it is underground or above ground.

For the below-ground room, you have to dig out the center of it. Do this step to give a room and allow other players to enter it.

Meanwhile, for the above-ground room, this new room is visible. You can see it from outside of your building. This new room is stuck with the rest of the previous building.

There is a trick to hide your new above-ground room. Camouflage it by placing other blocks around it. Place until it looks like the original shape of the previous building.

Your secret room is ready to use. After learning about how to make a secret room in Minecraft, you can decorate it as you pleased.

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