How to Make a Minecraft Server with Mods

Here is a guide on how to make a Minecraft server with mods to make your game time more fun and challenging. Here is a guide to set up the Minecraft server with 1.12.2 file server hosting.

What You Need to Prepare

  • A computer that able to run a modded Minecraft and a server with a minimum of 4 GB RAM
  • Minecraft copy
  • Secure internet connection
  • Access into routers login information

Step by step Install Minecraft server with Mods

1. Install Minecraft and add the forge Mod loader

How to Make a Minecraft Server with Mods

To play on the Minecraft server, you need to download Minecraft. Follow any instructions to install Minecraft from the Minecraft Installer.msi. file. Once the file is installed, launch Vanilla 1.12.2 to install the entire important stuff.

Under the Installation tab>click +New>under Versions>click 1.12.2. Choose 1.12.2 from the drop-down menu and press the Play Button. Once it is fully loaded into the menu screen, exit the game.

The next step, download and install the Forge. Launch it and click OK. Wait for the file to be fully installed.

2. Install forge server and accept the EULA

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How to Make a Minecraft Server with Mods

How to Make a Minecraft Server with Mods

To start hosting a server, these files are needed. Reopen the forge installer and choose Install Server and location you desire to be installed.

After it is done to be installed, double click on the file with the name forge-1.12.2- and launch it. After this step is done, the folder logs, the mods, and the EULA text will emerge in the folder.

Double click in eula.txt to open the files and change from false to true. Click >Save>and close the <txt. file>. Once it is done, re-launch the jar.

Soon, you can see a bunch of files are appearing in the server folder and the open-up window with the title “Minecraft server”.

After this step is done, it means you have a local mod Minecraft server. However, the step is not finished yet. Now you are likely to try to create a server that anyone is able to connect to. Close the server window of Minecraft.

3. Gather the mods.

How to Make a Minecraft Server with Mods

The key to modding the Minecraft server is the mods. Find the mod file in the available link you find. Once the mods.jar file is downloaded, make a copy of it.

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Open the server mods folder and then paste the mods file in it. Next, move the original mods that you copied first into the .minecraft.folder. to find the file, find it in the search box by typing %appdata%.

Once found, click on .minecraft. There will be a folder with a mods label. If there is not, then make a new one. Put the entire same mod files into the mod folder.

4. Reduce lag.

How to Make a Minecraft Server with Mods

How to Make a Minecraft Server with Mods

Before the server launched again, it was possible to reduce the lag on the server and computer. Right-click in >server folder> create a new document. Name it with a server launcher. Open it and copy-paste the following text:

Java-xmx2048M-Xms2048M-jar forge- 1.12.2- true nogui

Once the text is pasted into a text file, choose > File >Save As. Change the Save As file type into all files and rename it from the previous title Serverlauncher.txt into >Server Launcher.bat.

Double click on the .bat file each time you want to start the server. When launching the server, allow it to be loaded fully and then close it.

5. Port forward the server

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With the steps, the servers are working locally now. Your friends or anyone with the same IP address as you can join with the server.

On another side, to forbid people with different IP addresses connected with the server, you will need to port forward the server. Find the Ip address search by typing “what’s my IP” on the search engine.

Take the number, copy-paste it into the address bar. This step is likely to take to the router’s website where you can manage the router settings.

Put the password into your router. You may need step by step with specific routers as different routers take a little bit different steps.

6. Finish the step

Now, the server is up and ready to run. Double click at >bat. file to launch the server. Set up the Minecraft and then enter the public IP.

You can get your IP address by typing “what’s my IP” in the multiplayer menu. Connect to the server and play the new Minecraft world by following this easy how-to make a Minecraft server with a mods guide.

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