How to Make a Minecraft Server for Friends

Playing Minecraft with friends is possible after knowing how to make a Minecraft server for friends. It will lead to a private and local server with friends who can join to play the game together for fun.

It is crucial to understand that it is a thing to do by parents and adults. Kids can play and enjoy the game afterward with the permission of either parents or adults who are responsible for them.

For parents, it is better to set a server like this to monitor the friends who play this game with their children. In other words, the gaming environment will be more controllable than joining public serves.

Follow these steps to create a local server of Minecraft on a PC with only a limited number of people who can join. Please make sure that the Java on the PC is the latest version before doing anything further.

Download Java Latest Version

The first thing to do on this is to download the latest version of the Minecraft server. The files are accessible at to download for free.

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Next, save it in a folder labeled as Minecraft Server afterward and double-click the .jar file to run it on the PC. There will be some new files to pop up after double-clicking that particular file of the Minecraft server.

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The second thing on how to make a Minecraft server for friends is to create a batch file. Create a New Text Document in the Minecraft Server folder under the name Run.

Type 1 cmd /k java ‐Xms1G ‐Xmx1G ‐jar minecraft_server.1.16.5.jar in the text file. Save this file as All Files type through the Save As menu and name it Run.bat to change its file type.

The third thing to do is to launch the server by agreeing to the EULA in the first place. Next, find the eula.txt and double-click it to open it. Change the eula=false to eula=true line can do the trick as well.

EULA Mojang Studios Account

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Go to the Run.bat file and double-click on it to initiate the server. A new window will appear on the PC that indicates the server is currently running. Remember not to close the window to keep it runs the right way.

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The fourth thing on this is about joining the server to play the game. Open the game and go to the Multiplayer menu of it.

Choose to add a server and create a name for it in the Server Name section. Type localhost in the Server Address section and click the Done button. That is how to make a Minecraft server for friends and test it for the local environment.

The fifth thing to do is the so-called port forwarding to set the server online to play with friends. It is rather tricky because it depends on the make and model of the router in use.

Thus, it is better to search for it further by using the make and model of the router plus port forwarding as search keywords. Go for the closest make and model for the router in use for this step.

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The sixth thing is to find the external IP address of the internet connection in use. Open up a web browser and access Type external IP and search for it right there.

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The external IP of the internet connection in use by the PC will be visible right away. Save the series of the number displayed as the external IP from the previous search.

The next thing on how to make a Minecraft server for friends is to open it. Input the server name and address. The server address will be the external IP plus the numbers 25565.

If the address is in an IPv6, use brackets to enclose the external IP. Choose Done, and it is online. Distribute the external IP to friends to invite.

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