How to Make a LAN Server in Minecraft

Are you looking for the answer about how to make a lan server in minecraft? It will depend on the Minecraft game platform you use after all.

You need to take more steps when you are running Minecraft Java Edition but playing a multiplayer game on a LAN server is simpler in Bedrock Edition.

What is a LAN Server in Minecraft?

Before you can go further to know more about the way to create a LAN server for a Minecraft multiplayer game, you need to have a proper understanding of a LAN server.

What is a LAN server? A LAN server is a world in Minecraft and it is hosted by one computer. There is only one computer that becomes the host but other players can join the game, but they must be connected to the same home internet connection as the computer that is hosting the LAN server.

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You can say that all players have to play the game in the same location if they want to play on the same LAN server.

How to Host on Java Edition

how to make a lan server in Minecraft Java Edition? First of all, you need to know about the way to host a LAN server. This way, you can open the active single player to LAN.

To do this, you need to open the pause menu first. There will be an “Open to LAN” option and you need to click it. Now, you can change the default game mode but it is optional.

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You can also allow or not allow players to use cheats but it is optional as well. Last but not least, you can click the “Start LAN World” option. It is not the only way to start your LAN world for hosting a multiplayer game.

You can start your LAN world by using the command line. You only need to enter the /publish as the command line. However, if you use this method to start the LAN world, you will not be able to change the game options.

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How to Join on Java Edition

Of course, you make a LAN server because you want to enjoy a multiplayer game in Minecraft. You have to join a LAN server to start the multiplayer game right away.

How can you do that? If you are already in the same local network with the LAN server hosting computer, you will be able to find the game in the multiplayer games list.

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You just need to look for it in the Multiplayer menu. What if you cannot find it on the list? There is no need to worry because you can still join the game.

All that you need is to find the port of the game and the host computer with local IP must be running on. You can find the port in the chat message that will be sent in the host LAN world once the LAN is opened.

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Bedrock Edition

What if you are playing Minecraft Bedrock Edition? How can you play a multiplayer game using a LAN server? It must be easier to do it because the LAN gameplay will be on by default.

Although it is on by default, you can still choose the option to turn the LAN gameplay on or off by adjusting the setting in the multiplayer section of the world setting.

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The change can be done when you are in a LAN world. The number of slots can also be changed by using command line /setmaxplayers.

The game mode can also be changed in the world settings. how to make a lan server in minecraft is not that complicated in the Bedrock Edition after all.

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