How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

The players of Minecraft will realize that it is always delightful whenever they play this game since there are lots of adventures, battles, experiments, and craft activities which they can always have.

This is the realm world built to successfully fill your imagination, and that is why there are lots of things to do to make your beautiful realm as comfortable as possible.

Now, we are talking about how all the Minecraft players can create the hot tub which can be used for their Minecraft character as the most creative way to have their nice time while playing Minecraft.

They will surely feel the most comfortable moment and there will be a positive vibe since the hot tube gives a relaxing ambiance for your house.

If you still do not know how to make a hot tub in Minecraft, you do not need to worry since it is always easy for you to have a great creation of your hot tub.

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Creating Hot Tub in Minecraft

How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

What you need to prepare if you want to create the hot tub in Minecraft is 16 glasses, a bucket of lava, and a bucket of water. So, you just have to prepare some lava and a few kinds of materials here.

How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

If you do not have any lava in your inventory, you just have to find it. There is an easy way to find out lava since there is a lot of lava in the cave and some other places.

Make sure that you have a deep check around your places to find out the lava.

If you already find the lava source, this is the time for you to use the bucket and take the lava. After that, you have to take glass for sixteen pieces.

Remember that you cannot skip this step, since the sixteen pieces of glass are so important which has the main function as a served wall for the hot tub that you will create.

The problem is when you do not have any glass, it means that you need to create the glass of your own. So, you need to know more on how to make a hot tub in Minecraft.

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Minecraft Hot Tub Creation

How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

If you already prepare the lava, and the sixteen glasses, now are the time for you to think about your tub appearance.

You have to make the right decision about the tube size that you want to make and this is an important part that you have to prepare before you are going to continue to the next action, digging the hole for your tub.

The depth of your tub must be around three blocks.

How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

If you already dig your tub, you have to fill your tub. Now for the next step, you have to pour the bucket of lava into the hole that you already dig, the tub that you’ve made before.

When you pour the lava, you have to be careful and make sure that your character will not be on fire.

The Finishing Touch of Your Hot Tub

How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

For the finishing touch of your hot tub, you need to create the tub sides by using the glass pieces that you have. You also need to do the setting for your hot tub walls surrounding the lava pit that you already create.

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How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

For the last part of your hot tub creation, you have to pour water into your tub. How to do it? You need to pour the water started from the top part of your lava to make sure that your Minecraft character will not be burnt when you climb the hot tub.

How to Make a Hot Tub in Minecraft

After that, you can have your relaxing time in your hot tub and enjoy your moment.

You need to take note that if you are having your hot tub set in the mode of survival, you have to prepare the water buckets as your backup plans if there is a problem of your character burning because of the lava. This is how to make a hot tub in Minecraft.

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