How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft – Minecraft has incredible popularity among millions of gamers from all over the world. Many gamers easily fall in love with this 3D sandbox video game because they are the ones who decide how the game starts, runs, and ends.

How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

They can fight against enemies, work together with other players from other places, and craft a lot of various items.

One of the items that players can create is a glass bottle. A glass bottle is an important item for brewing potions. For example, the fire resistance potion.

So, it is important to have this item in your inventory. If you do not know yet how to make a glass bottle in Minecraft, here are the steps that you can follow.

Supported Platforms

Java Edition (PC/Mac) Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes
Pocket Edition (PE) Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Xbox 360 Xbox 360Yes
Xbox One Xbox OneYes
PS3 PS3Yes
PS4 PS4Yes
Wii U Wii UYes
Nintendo Switch Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 Edition Windows 10 EditionYes
Education Edition Education EditionYes
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Steps to Craft A Glass Bottle in the Survival Mode

How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

Just like any other crafting processes, you need to collect the required materials first before you create the item, including creating a glass bottle.

The material you need to make this item is only 3 blocks of glass. If you already have it in your inventory, continue following these steps below to make a glass bottle.

Open the Crafting Table

How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

First of all, go to the crafting menu to open your crafting table. There, you will see a crafting area that consists of a 3×3 grid. This is where you will place the material to craft a glass bottle.

Add the Materials

How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

The next step is placing the material in the crafting table. In the first row of the crafting area, put one glass block in the first box and another one in the third box.

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So, the second box of the first row is empty. Then, place the last glass block in the second box of the second row. Leave the first and third box of the second row empty.

How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

This is the Minecraft crafting recipe to craft a glass bottle. Please note that you have to follow the order. If you do not, you cannot make the item.

When you correctly follow the exact order, 3 glass bottles should appear in the box on the right side of the crafting area.

Move the New Item to Your Inventory

How to Make a Glass Bottle in Minecraft

Once you have created 3 glass bottles, do not forget to move them to your inventory. Congratulations! You successfully craft a glass bottle in Minecraft.

Things to Make with a Glass Bottle

A Water Bottle

A water bottle is necessary if you want to make a potion. You can make this item by using a glass bottle. You only need a glass bottle to make a water bottle.

First, you need to find a water source in your Minecraft world. Next, hold the glass bottle by selecting it from your inventory. After that, pick up the water with your glass bottle while you are standing in front of the water source.

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Once you have filled your glass bottle with water, it will turn blue. You can use it to make potions that will give you special effects. For example, the potion of night vision.

Dragon’s Breath

Just like the previous item, prepare one glass bottle to create dragon’s breath. Find an ender dragon in the End biome. Wait for it until it does a breath attack.

Once the dragon has attacked, you will see a cloud of purple particles in the air. This is the dragon’s breath. Pick the glass bottle in your hot bar and move it towards the dragon’s breath.

Right click to fill the glass bottle with the dragon’s breath when you think you are close enough with the purple cloud. At this point, your glass bottle will turn purple.

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