How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Now, it is time to explain how to make a fence gate in Minecraft. In the preceding chapter, you already know about how to make a fence for your Minecraft world.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Aside from that, making a fence gate is also essential for you. It functions almost the same as a door.

Through a fence gate, it will be easier for you to access the fenced area. You do not need to climb the blocks or ladder to enter it.

Here is the process in detail.

Supported Platforms

Java Edition (PC/Mac) Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes
Pocket Edition (PE) Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Xbox 360 Xbox 360Yes
Xbox One Xbox OneYes
PS3 PS3Yes
PS4 PS4Yes
Wii U Wii UYes
Nintendo Switch Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 Edition Windows 10 EditionYes
Education Edition Education EditionYes

First, take any tools and supplies that you require. You should have 4 sticks and 2 wooden planks. You may take any wooden items for this step.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

You can select from oak, spruce, birch, jungle, dark oak, or acacia. Remember to have the same material for your fence gate. So, you have to select any sticks and planks which are similar.

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Meanwhile, for the fence, you already know the process from the earlier chapter. You can get detailed information about that from there.

Second, open the crafting menu. After you begin with your crafting menu, you will see the crafting table. It has a 3×3 crafting grid, as you see on the attached image.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Third, begin the process by adding all required items. In this part, let us use the oak fence as an example. However, you can use any wood type for this.

The crafting table has a total of 9 tables with 3 tables in each row. Then, start to place your required item one by one. Make sure to do it in the correct pattern.

In the first row, you should take 2 sticks and 1 wooden plank. Put one of them in your row as part of how to make a fence gate in Minecraft. Then, continue with the wooden plank and end with the last item.

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How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

After that, you can continue to the next row. Placing the items in this row is almost the same as the previous row. You can begin with the stick and end with it too.

Remember that your wooden plank will be in the middle. So, it is put in between the sticks. The following image will give you a clear picture of the detailed process.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Once all the process is done, you can see the result on the right table. It will share with you the fence gate that you have made.

So, now you have a fence gate.

There is one thing that you have to memorize. If you do not place it in the exact pattern, you will not get the same result as in your picture. Besides, you will get the same look whether you use a different wood type.

Follow the process step by step for a better result. Otherwise, you may deal with an issue. After you finish with this part, you can move to the forwarding step.

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Fourth, move your fence gate. This step is easier than the previous one. You have to place your fence in the inventory.

How to Make a Fence Gate in Minecraft

Your inventory is located below your crafting table. It allows you to place your newly created item here. So, you can apply it once you need those items.

Most players create the gate first and then continue with the gate. By having both, you can build your area with open access.

You may begin the process by adding one by one. Prepare all you need and keep it in your inventory. Once you have to use it, you can take it any time.

A fence gate is essential to keep your open area secure. When it is closed, a player can not jump over it. Hence, you have to know how to make a fence gate in Minecraft.

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