How to Make a Custom Banner in Minecraft

How to make a custom banner in Minecraft? There are so many important tools in Minecraft to craft. One of them is the banner. Since you can customize it with various colors, you can call it the custom banner also.

The banner itself means a sheet of clothes like a flag that indicates the identity of the group. With the banner, you can make your group’s basecamp look cooler and more visible

The basic color of the banner is white. But sure, in Minecraft, the banner can be customized with many motifs, patterns, and colors. Even the color options are varied.

Choose one that you like the most or is representing the characters of your group. More importantly, how to make the banner? Here add some steps to follow.

Crafting a White Banner

How to Make a Custom Banner in Minecraft

Since the white banner is the basis for all types and ideas of the banner, so, you must make it first. First of all, you must open the crafting menu.

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It requires the 3×3 crafting grid. Next, add items or materials to make a white banner. The materials are 6 pieces of wool and a stick. Place all of them in the grid that has been prepared before.

Sure, you must not wrongly place the items in the grid. Starting from the first row, there are 3 wool to put in. In the second row, there are also 3 pieces of wool.

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In the third row, you can place that stick in the middle box. This is how to make a white banner anyway. After placing all the items in the boxes of the grid, a white banner appears in the right box for some seconds.

One of the most common problems to experience in making a white banner is there is no wool around. Sure, you cannot have the wool instantly.

You must collect it from lambs in the world of Minecraft. It is okay to only have a white banner for sure. But you want it to have colors or patterns, you must customize it.

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Adding Colors

How to Make a Custom Banner in Minecraft

Now that you already have the white banner, crafting the colored one is getting easier. To get colored banners, here are some steps you can do.

How to Make a Custom Banner in Minecraft

Generally, you must change color or paint the banner to get it colored as you want. As information, yes, most of the wool to obtain is in white.

How to Make a Custom Banner in Minecraft

But if you are lucky, you can get some other colors that are rarely available in Minecraft, they are where black, grey, or even pink. So, if you like one of those colors, it seems you don’t need to manually color the banner anyway.

How to Make a Custom Banner in Minecraft

Meanwhile, there are around 16 types of dye in Minecraft. Maybe, in the future, the number of colors can be added as well.

Those colors are red, green, violet, cyan, grey, light grey, pink, peach, yellow, light blue, magenta, orange, blue, brown, and black.

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To color the banner, obtain the dye by inserting some materials needed into the grid. The colors themselves can be made like from plants, flowers, and other raw materials available in Minecraft.

While if you need to color the banner with white and black, the colors are made from the bone and the ink of octopus respectfully. It is very good if you have collected all the colors before making the banner. It just saves more time.

Put the wool and a dye to the grid if from the beginning you just want to make the colored ones, not the white ones. To save time, it is better to dye the banner starting from the wool. Like other crafting processes in Minecraft, the results in the right box.

How to Make a Custom Banner in Minecraft

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