How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

How to join a LAN world in Minecraft? Most people only know that if they want to play Minecraft, they must go to a server on the internet. That’s true but it is not the only way.

There is another way to play Minecraft in multiplayer, it is by using a LAN. By using the LAN server, we don’t need to always connect to the internet to play it.

Besides, the lag on the server will no longer be experienced this way. So, what are the steps of joining the LAN world to play Minecraft? Here they are.

Connect to the LAN Network

First of all, connect the computer to use to play the multiplayer Minecraft to the same LAN network. It is easier if you have formed a group with some friends to play the game.

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One of the computers is set up to be the server. On this computer, open Minecraft and click on Singleplayer. Next, play it on a world that has been existing or create a new one.

How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

Enter the Game

For other computers that want to enter the game, press the Esc key and click on Open to LAN. Next, select the mode for the player who enters later. Next, set Allow Cheats On or Off.

How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

If everything has been properly set up, click the button Start LAN World. After clicking Start LAN World, there is a window that appears. It usually says “Local game hosted on port ….” You should note the port as it will be used in the next step.

How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

Minimize Minecraft by pressing the ALT + TAB keys. Follow it by opening a Command Prompt. Type ipconfig in the cmd window and press Enter.

How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

See it carefully and take note of the IP address of the server computer. It is in the category of the IPv4 Address section.

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How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

Open Minecraft for Multiplayer Play

On the computer you want to join, open Minecraft and click on the Multiplayer option. Click on Add server and then, you will be asked to enter by mentioning the Server Name and Server Address.

How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

In the Server Name bar, submit the server name as you like. Meanwhile, in the Server Address bar submit the IP address that was recorded in step 6 and the port that was recorded in step 5.

It is with the following format: IPHOST: PORT, for example Next, click on Done.

Join the Server

How to Join a LAN World in Minecraft

You can see that the server appears. To join the server, select one of the options given and click Join Server. Then, you can immediately play multiplayer Minecraft with your friends.

As information, there are some people who cannot join the game this way. It is mainly if the session is Invalid.

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Using this method to play multiplayer Minecraft is indeed considered more complicated in the beginning. But at the same time, it offers you some benefits.

First, the server is more accessible no matter the condition of your computer. Yes, as has been mentioned above, you don’t even need to always connect to the internet.

Second, it is also anti-lagging. Well, it doesn’t mean that this method is completely free from this problem. But it is much better than using other methods.

Third, there are more players to play. As long as all the computers are connected to the server, all of you can play on the same server. You just need to pay attention to the invalid session mentioned above.

So, make sure that your computer has all specifications to support this method of playing Minecraft. Checking it, in the beginning, is always a good thing to do to enjoy the game even more.

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