How to Get Mods on Minecraft Xbox One

If you are a game junkie, you might agree that Minecraft is one of the most popular, famous video games ever. This video game has been attracting millions of gamers across the globe for the past few years.

With a lot of imaginations of so many gamers in the world, it is not surprising that there are a bunch of mods on PC, enabling you to change the game in new ways as you wish.

But if you are not playing Minecraft on your PC, you are surely curious about how you can get the mods for other versions, for example, Xbox One. Unfortunately, there is bad news about this.

Currently, there is no way to use free mods in the Xbox One version of Minecraft. This means you are not able to transfer the mod you have downloaded on your PC to your Xbox One.

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This is mostly because of copyright issues. But there is mod-like content that you can obtain via add-ons for your Xbox One.

If you do not know yet, add-ons are paid additions to the console version of Minecraft. You can find it by launching the video game and choosing the Store option on the menu.

You just need to choose the add-on that you want, then unlock it. Once again, you have to keep in mind that this is the paid addition to the video game. If you do not mind about it, follow this guide on how to get mods on Minecraft Xbox One.

Required Tools

In order to be able to download the add-ons, you will need these following programs below.

  1. File downloader for Xbox One to download the add-on.
  2. UFO.Transfer for Xbox One to open the package folder.
  3. Xbox One Smartglass to paste the download link.
  4. Any program to unzip and zip files.
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Download the Add-Ons

First, download the add-on on your PC. There are several file extensions of the mods.


If the mod is in the form of the zip file format, open the archive. If you find a manifest.json in the content, unzip the zip file into a folder.

Zip the file again and make sure you can find a single folder inside the zip and there is the add-on inside the folder. Continue to the next step if there is a single folder in the zip.

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If the file extension is in the form of mcpack, change it into zip. Follow the instructions that have been mentioned in the zip section above.


Change the file extension from mcaddon to zip. If you find 2 mcpacks on the content, unzip the file, then follow the instructions in the mcpack section for each file.

Do not forget to give a label to the folders as behavior or resources. If the content has 2 folders, see if they are labeled as resource and behavior or not.

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Label them if they are not yet. Save the file as a zip folder and continue to the next step.

Send the Add-On

Once you have the zip file, host the file on a file hoster. Then, copy the direct download link. Open the file downloader on your Xbox One. Head to Download From Link and go to the Xbox One Smartglass on your PC.

Paste the direct download link and name the file in the bottom input bar. Make sure the name starts with Local Storage.

After that, press the start button and wait for it to download. Once it downloads, open the Local Storage folder. Select all files in the zip file and copy them. Go outside the file and paste all of the files. This will take quite much time.

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