How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 for Free

Are you asking about how to get minecraft windows 10 for free? You just need to follow these steps if you own the original PC version of the game.

Visit Mojang Website

How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 for Free

What is the very first thing to do if you want to get Minecraft Windows 10 for free? Of course, you need to go to the Mojang website on your browser.

Simply by typing on the search bar or the URL bar, you can visit the homepage of Mojang, the game development studio of Minecraft.

Here, you can find information about their latest games and updates. There is no doubt that you will also get information and update about Minecraft Windows 10 version on this website.

Login to Mojang Account

How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 for Free


How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 for Free


How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 for Free

You cannot download the Minecraft game for Windows 10 right away. You need to login into your Mojang account first. You can do this by clicking on Account located at the top of the page right under the logo of the studio.

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The login screen will appear right away. If you do not have a Mojang account yet, you can also start your journey by making one on the same page. You need to enter your email account and password to login into your account.

Redeem the Code

How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 for Free

After your login process is successful, you will be directed to the directory of the games. If you are asking about how to get minecraft windows 10 for free, you have to remember that this version is only offered for free if you already own the PC version of Minecraft.

It means that if you already bought the original PC edition of Minecraft, you will find a link to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition in your directory.

There will be some instructions written under the link. You will also find the button to claim your free copy. By clicking the button, you will be redirected to the login web page of the Microsoft Account.

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Meaning, you need to log into your Microsoft account first. You can also log into your Outlook or Live mail account first before you can continue the process.

You will find the page where you can download Minecraft Windows 10 Edition. Yes, if you want to claim the game, you need a Microsoft account since it is Minecraft made for Windows 10 computers.

Download the Game

How to Get Minecraft Windows 10 for Free

Now, it is time to download the game. To do this, you need to go to the Microsoft App Store. It is easy to find this app because you only need to scroll down at the Start Menu left-hand side.

You can also find the app on the desktop shortcuts bar. Do not forget to log into the same account on Microsoft used for claiming the game.

You can search for Minecraft Windows 10 Edition on the top of the screen. Once you find the game on the Microsoft App Store, you just have to click it to go to the main page of the game.

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To download the game, you only need to type your password. What if you do not have the original PC edition of Minecraft? You do not have to spend money buying the full open beta version.

You can consider using the Free Trial instead to play the full game for about 90 minutes. After 90 minutes, you can still build your worlds although you cannot progress the world any longer.


Once the download process is completed, you only need to click Open to start the game and you are ready to play. The answer for how to get minecraft windows 10 for free is pretty simple as long as you have the original PC edition.

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