How to Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC

How to Get Minecraft Bedrock Edition on PC – Many people all around the world are playing Minecraft games from various platforms. Yes, this game is offered with different editions for different devices.

Nowadays, they are also offered with Bedrock Edition that allows you to play on different devices. how to get minecraft bedrock edition on pc? You need to follow these steps to get it for free.


Minecraft might be a popular game but you might think twice about playing this game because you have to buy it. Just because of its popularity, you cannot just buy the game right away to play it.

Yet, you can really spend your money on this game if you are convinced that it is a great game. Now, you are offered Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

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It sounds cool to play this version but if you have to buy it, it will be a big problem. Fortunately, you can get the Bedrock Edition for free if you have purchased the Java Edition of the game before 16th October 2018.

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Yes, it is the most important requirement to get the Bedrock Edition for free. You can use some methods to get your free copy.

Using Bedrock Edition on PC

To get your free copy of Bedrock Edition, you can go to the Mojang official website from your web browser. On the Home page, you can look for the account button on the top right corner and click it.

There will be a login button and you need to tap it. You need to enter your email and password to log into your Mojang account. Do not forget to tap LOGIN.

Below Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10, you will find the Redeem button that you must click. You will be redirected to the Microsoft store where you need to click another redeem button on the page.

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You have to click Go to Minecraft: Bedrock Edition for Windows 10 next. The game can be started by pressing the Open button. That is the first method on how to get minecraft bedrock edition on pc.

Using Demo Version

Is it the only option you have to play the Bedrock Edition for free? You can also try using the demo version before you decide to buy the full version.

To get the demo version, you need to go to the Minecraft website from your browser. On the home page, you can find three horizontal lines on the top right.

You need to click it and click trial and download from the menu. After pressing the download button, you can install the game on your PC.

You can launch Minecraft but you will be asked to fill in the Minecraft account information to be able to play the game for free for 100 minutes.

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Using Bedrock Edition on Xbox One

Do you know that you can play Minecraft on PC and Xbox together? You might need to learn more about the way to do this. Nevertheless, because this playing method is possible, you can also get the Bedrock Edition for free on Xbox One.

Of course, you have to make sure that you have the classic edition on your PC and Xbox One. Now, you need to open the game on your Xbox and choose the Store tab.

You need to scroll right and press the A button on the controller. Choose search and press the A button once again. You can type the word Minecraft and press the three horizontal lines icon on the page.

You have to choose Minecraft and press the A button. Now, you have to choose get and press the A button again. The game will be downloaded and installed. That is how to get minecraft bedrock edition on pc using Xbox One.

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