How to Get a Player Head in Minecraft

As a game lover, you may want to know how to get a player head in Minecraft. The game allows each player to have mob heads. It has several types, such as player, creeper, zombie, skeleton, wither skeleton, and dragon.

You can wear this mob head as helmets or use it as decorative blocks. The way to get it is easy and does not require a complicated step. The following information will guide you step by step.

First, you have to begin by launching your Minecraft PC. Then, you can see an option to Create New World on the screen. Tap this button, and you enter the Minecraft world now.

How to Get a Player Head in Minecraft

There is an essential thing you should do before continuing to the next step. Make sure your Cheat mode is enabled. Through this, you are able to enter commands once you are playing the game.

If you do it later, you can not enable it. You have to enable this mode before creating your Minecraft world.

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Besides, you have to be in gamemode Creative too. By doing both, make you available to use the command for your Minecraft.

Second, this step will show you how to enable the Cheat mode. This feature is located on your screen after entering Minecraft.

How to Get a Player Head in Minecraft

Look for World Options in the Game menu and then select it. After you do that, you can continue by clicking the Allow Cheats button.

Third, tap the button to confirm the process. Once you hit Allow Cheats button, do not forget to confirm it afterward. Be sure your Cheat mode is on before continuing to your new world.

How to Get a Player Head in Minecraft

Fourth, you can start to play your mob. Before knowing how to get a player head in Minecraft, you can run your player as usual as it could be. If you are ready to get a player head, you can continue to the next step.

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How to Get a Player Head in Minecraft

The mob heads can be technically classified as decorative blocks. Yet, you have to plan some practical things for a single player. Most of the mob heads are utilized by the server.

You can get six types of heads. All of them are possible to break without specific tools. Moreover, it will directly drop once your mob is destroyed.

Fifth, enter the command on your Command Block. This feature can have various functions, including changing the game difficulty. Besides, players can change the weather state too.

How to Get a Player Head in Minecraft

You can type your requested command here. After that, your game will adjust base on your command. Be sure that your cheat mode is available if you want to use this feature.

Once you are accessing your command block, start to type your desired command. For this tutorial, you can type the command /give @p 397 <amount> 3 {SkullOwner:”MHF_<mob name>”}.

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You can replace the Amount with any mob heads numbers you are requested. Of course, you should replace the Mob Name command too. You can mention the mob name that has the head you desired.

The following example enables you to understand it easily. Let say you need 10 Skeleton mob heads, type this code /give @p 397 10 3 {SkullOwner:”MHF_Skeleton”}.

Sixth, finalize your command. This step shows you how to end your process. You can tap the Enter button using your keyboard.

How to Get a Player Head in Minecraft

Once you press this Enter button, you will get the mob heads using your username. Your desired mob heads are available on your inventory now. The attached image can inform you clearly.

The step-by-step tutorial above makes you available to have the mob heads. You can request as much as you need. By understanding how to get a player head in Minecraft, you can play it at ease.

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