How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft

The biggest reason why Minecraft gains huge popularity all around the world is that this game can be considered never-ending. The possibility of building something in Minecraft is limitless.

As long as you have creativity, you can build and build anything. Even with this unlimited possibility, you can open the Minecraft world much more by using the command blocks.

You can say that the command block can help you bend the world in your Minecraft game. Now, the biggest question you have must be about how to get a command block in minecraft.

One thing you should keep in your mind before you wondering the way to get the command block is that it is not something you can get in a normal Minecraft game. You can only obtain them using Cheats. Period.

Enable Cheats

If you want to get a command block, it means that you need to create a world that enables cheats. It can be challenging if you are playing Minecraft in survival mode because the cheats have been disabled in this mode.

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It means that you cannot get a command block when playing in survival mode. That is why you need to play in the creative mode where the command block is available.

How to Get a Command Block in Minecraft

Yes, you can find in the creative mode that cheats are enabled by default. How can you make sure that the cheats are enabled in your creative mode?

You only need to check the Select World page to find out the information. If you can find the word Cheats on the Select World page, it means that they are enabled and you can join a world.

Free Space in Inventory

If your inventory is full of various kinds of items, you need to free some space to get the command block. Even if you do the following steps to get the command block, it will not appear in your inventory because it is too full.

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How much space you should prepare before you want to continue the process to get the command block? It is recommended to have at least one free space of the nine bottom inventory slots before you can go further to obtain the command block.

Open the Chat

The next step to follow in how to get a command block in minecraft is to open the chat menu. There are some methods to do this. You can open the chat menu simply by pressing the T key by default.

Of course, you can feel free to use either the Command button or the Chat button to make sure that the Chat window appears in your display.

Type the Command

Once you press the Chat button, you will find a command box that appears on your display. Now, it is time to type something in it. Since you want to get a command block, you need to type:

 /give <your username> command_block.

You have to be careful when opening the chat menu by using the Command key which means that you press the / by default. You will not only open the chat menu but you will also add the slash at the beginning of the command in the box automatically.

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Last but not least, you only need to press enter. You should be able to find the command block in your inventory after doing this last step.

You do not have to be panicked when you find that your inventory bottom row is full of items. You only need to open the full inventory to find your command block.

The full inventory can be opened easily by pressing E by default. That is how to get a command block in minecraft.

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