How to do a Belly Dance gracefully| Shoulder |Chest Slides| Belly roll |Hip roll | Jackie Varahan

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An awesome Belly Dancer shows how to do a Belly Dance gracefully. While working out from upper body to toe, she does it gracefully whether its a side to side Chest slide or belly roll or hip roll or Shoulder movements. Also the belly dance music coupled with this belly dancer's gorgeous smile and awesome movements is something viewers will be asking for more and more.

Also for people learning the belly dance, she shows that a smile can make the belly dance stand out from the rest and stay one step ahead of the league.

For people working on to get rid of love handles, Belly Fat, Weight i.e. Weight Loss , fat burning and similar activities, this belly dance video is a great way to practice belly dance to get rid of the aspects mentioned earlier and get themselves into a new shape that not only themselves but also the whole world will adore

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