Tutorial: Custom Posts

QUICK STARE Publishing Custom Posts

How to create a custom post.

Visit Create> Custom Post in the menu to get started.

Custom posts on Quick Stare offer a vast array of features and functionalities to create exceptional and superior webpages. There is only 3 basic necessities and everything else is optional. The first requirement is a good descriptive title of about 6 or 7 words that can really give the readers an idea of the intent and outcome of the post. The second is to add good quality content. The body of a posts is generally called the content and this usually means the wording, but also the content can be enhanced with images, slideshows, video and website link embeds and many other block types. The third requirement is a good featured thumbnail image. This is the first point of contact when the post is viewed on Quick Stare and also on any website where the post is displayed.

Please note: It is recommended to create custom posts on a device with a larger screen until the mobile version comes up to speed. If you don’t have a device with a larger screen you can turn your device horizontally into landscape mode.

How to write a great post title.

The title is one of the most important components to creating a high quality web page. It is usually the first words a reader will see and it is also used by search engines to understand what a page is about and then how to index it accordingly. A good title will try to encapsulate the reader and leave them wanting to read more. By adding descriptive keywords to a title it allows search engines to show the right web pages when people are searching for the relative search queries.

How to create great content.

Search engines use words to match web pages with the search queries that people are searching for. Web pages with very few words will not add value to the vast amount of web pages on the internet. Search engines and readers alike are looking for well written information that answers the question or provides readers with exactly what they are looking for. Breaking up the words with paragraphs and headings along with adding images, videos and other block features is a great way to keep the reader engaged with your content.

How to add a featured thumbnail image.

Simply press the gear icon next to the publish button and then select document. This will bring up a panel of options that include adding a featured image. The document panel also gives you the option to choose a category, add tags, choose a schedule time, add a custom permalink. There are more options on the document panel that you can research in your own time as they are all general functions that all websites contain, so there is plenty of information on the internet if you’re not sure what they are.

Add a featured thumbnail image.

How to select post document panel on Quick Stare social network.

Upload or select image.

How to add a featured thumbnail image on Quick Stare social network.

How to add and edit blocks.

Simply press the + button to add a new block. This will open a menu where you can search or select which type of block you want to add to your content. To edit the block options, select the block you want to edit and press the gear icon next to the publish button and choose block instead of document.

How to edit blocks.

How to edit a post block on Quick Stare social community.

Change block options.

How to edit block options on Quick Stare

Custom posts submitted to Quick Stare will be published with all the correct structured data markup and open graph data that search engines and social networks use the understand and display content correctly. New and updated posts will also be submitted for indexing by Google search, instantly via an API, along with creating an accelerated mobile page version (AMP Page), that may be cached by Google for super fast loading speeds on mobile devices. Visit the QUICK STARE AMP website here.

Visit Create>+ Custom Post in the menu to get started.

Check out the Advanced Post Tutorial for a more in depth look at creating custom posts or see the FAQ for more Quick Stare tutorials.

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