How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

There are numerous tools in Minecraft in which the so-called anvil is one of them. It is possible to make those tools by gathering some resources and using a crafting table.

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

Therefore, knowing how to craft an Anvil in Minecraft is a beneficial thing. It is never too difficult to craft an item in Minecraft.

What it takes is just the proper materials, recipe, and a crafting table. It indeed requires the right recipe for the materials to form anything that the players want.

The thing called the anvil is very similar to the one named grindstone. It serves the same functions with slight differences. One notable difference is that the enchantments of any items treated with anvil will remain there.

Please understand that this tool will experience 12% damage each time it is in use. It will not affect the overall function of itself, but it will eventually go. Another way to get this item is to mine for it using a pickaxe.

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Regarding the ways on how to craft an anvil in Minecraft, there is a recipe for that. It requires the materials of four iron ingots and three blocks of iron.

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

Aside from the recipe, it needs a distinctive placement of those items in the 3×3 crafting grid to work the right way. The three blocks of iron need to occupy the first row of the grids.

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

Furthermore, one iron ingot needs to sit in the second row. The last row of the grids will be for the three iron ingots. That placement setting will lead to the creation of an anvil in Minecraft.

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

Supported Platforms

Java Edition (PC/Mac) Java Edition (PC/Mac)Yes
Pocket Edition (PE) Pocket Edition (PE)Yes
Xbox 360 Xbox 360Yes
Xbox One Xbox OneYes
PS3 PS3Yes
PS4 PS4Yes
Wii U Wii UYes
Nintendo Switch Nintendo SwitchYes
Windows 10 Edition Windows 10 EditionYes
Education Edition Education EditionYes

How to Use It?

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

Once this item is ready and available in the inventory, its functions will become available. Repairing items is one beneficial function without a doubt.

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The benefit of repairing items using this tool is that the enchantments will still be there. It leads to unique combinations of enchantments when fixing anything using it. That makes this tool very useful in the game world of Minecraft.

Following the steps on how to craft an anvil in Minecraft, it is possible to rename items. Unfortunately, it will cost one level to perform this.

When attempting to rename things, the available slots for characters are only 35. There will be some effects on the items afterward.

One unique function of the anvil is that it can be a weapon as well. A falling anvil will generate up to 40 levels of damage when it drops from a maximum height.

It is even possible to make a kind of trap or killing machine using it. A tall chamber is required to do this. When there are mobs inside the room, throw an anvil, and the enemies below will perish for good.

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The Availability of Anvil in the Game

How to Craft an Anvil in Minecraft

Fortunately, this item is available in all platform releases of Minecraft. It means that in all ten releases in different platforms and editions, there will be an anvil.

It is crucial to update the game to the latest version to ensure that this tool will be available to use. As with other items, this one is available in the creative mode of Minecraft.

Remember that the locations will vary depending on the platforms of the game. Regardless of that, the menus to find it are only items, decorations, miscellaneous, and decoration blocks.

Further information about the anvil is that this item is stackable up to 64 at once. That may come in handy for some players of Minecraft.

Those are the simple ways on how to craft an anvil in Minecraft. It is effortless that even beginners will be able to do it.

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