How to Allocate more Ram to Minecraft

How to Allocate more Ram to Minecraft – Playing Minecraft surely can be a fun thing to do. Minecraft certainly becomes a popular game playing by many people these days.

However, as playing Minecraft you surely will deal with lack of memory since you only have little RAM for this game, making the game get lag all of sudden. If this happen often, maybe you need to know how to allocate more ram to Minecraft.

We’ve got some easy steps to give bigger RAM for Minecraft than the standard one. Therefore, playing Minecraft can be more enjoyable and fun.

There will be less lag or error in the middle of playing Minecraft. Make sure you follow below steps orderly. Now, let’s give your Minecraft more RAM!

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4 Simple and Easy Steps: How to allocate more ram to Minecraft

1. Open Minecraft

How to Allocate More Ram To Minecraft

If you decide to give bigger RAM for Minecraft, make sure to launch the game first. Click the Minecraft launcher, and then choose installations.

If you haven’t got Minecraft apps, now Minecraft is available in a lot of websites. Make sure you choose the reliable and original one as downloading it.

2. Click Dots and Edit

Now, let’s move to the next step. As we know that Minecraft has different kind of versions. However, there is only one way to allocate more RAM in every version.

When it comes to allocate RAM, you need to choose the dots button, and then choose edit.

3. Click More Options

After choosing edit, there will be edit installation pop up on your screen. You will see a lot of menus such as name, versions, resolution, and game directory.

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Here, you need to click the more options.

4. Change default value

Next step is you need to replace your default installation of JVM Arguments. Here, you will find something written “Xmx4G” where 4G belongs to 4 Gigabytes.

As allocating the RAM for Minecraft, make sure you check the available RAM of your compute. Avoid allocating bigger RAM than the available RAM on your computer.

Also, never to allocate all RAM on your computer for Minecraft since this will affect for other apps on your computer. Your PC will have no enough RAM to process other apps.

For example, if the available RAM on your computer is only 6GB, then 4GB for Minecraft is actually fine for running this game. Already decide the RAM? Now, click save button for making it into default value.

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How to allocate more ram to Minecraft is actually simple and easy, right? By following these 4 single steps, now you can allocate more RAM for Minecraft.

By allocating more RAM, it will be reduce some leggy, error, and slow moving as playing Minecraft. However, you need to make sure that you allocate the exact amount, not less or excess. Actually the 4GB is enough for Minecraft.

If your computer does not has much RAM. You probably can delete several unnecessary applications or program on your PC. It will be a little helpful to give your computer more RAM.

Therefore, you can allocate it for Minecraft. Sometimes, each Minecraft versions will need different RAM. Make sure you understand first what RAM that you need for its version.

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How to Allocate More Ram To Minecraft
How to Allocate More Ram To Minecraft
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How to Allocate More Ram To Minecraft
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