Run Diagnostic Test to Fix Hard Disk Error HP

Hard Disk Error HP – Working with electronic devices like computer and printer requires you to be familiar with the troubleshooting or error, too.

Hard disk error HP is one of the problems that most printer users face when they are operating the device.

So, what do you have in mind when on a hard disk error message displays on startup?

This error is usually caused by the issue with sectors data or physical disk on the hard drive. If this error message keeps displaying on your screen, you can try the following solutions to solve it.

Perform a Hard Drive Diagnostic Test

There are six hard drive tests you can run in order to solve the error. These tests usually takes three minutes only.

Here are the steps to follow carefully:

1. Head to Component Tests menu and press “Hard Drive” and “Quick Test”.

2. Select “Run once” to start the Quick Test.

3. If your computer has more than one drive, you may select the drive you want to test. But if you want to test all the drivers, select “Test All Hard Drives.”

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When you finish completing the test, the screen will display the result. This way, the test results are also visible to look at in the “Test Logs” located in the main menu.

4. If the Quick Test was successfully passed by the hard drive, but the problem still exists with the hard drive, you need to run the Extensive Test which includes the SMART Check, Short DST, Long DST and Optimized DST.

These tests can be run individually. You can start the test by selecting them in the Hard Drive tests menu.

5. If your hard drive fails the test, press “Troubleshoot”.

6. Later, there will be some instructions appearing on your screen to help resolve the problem. So press “Yes” to follow.

7. If the steps above do not help so far, click “Yes” to contact the customer support.

8. Take a note or copy the failure ID. The ID consists of 24-digit code and product ID when you are just contacting the HP Customer Support. The information dealing with the failure ID is also available in the Test Logs located in the main menu.

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9. If your computer’s status is “online”, press “NEXT” to open the customer support website. However, if your computer is “offline”, you may use the mobile device to scan the available QR Code and access the HP Customer Support.

Review The Hard Drive Test Results

When you finished performing the hard drive diagnostic test to solve Hard disk error HP, a message will be displayed on your screen to show what actions you have taken.

You will be viewed the table consisting of the test result as well as the suggested action as you can check out below:

Test Result and Suggested Actions

  • Hard Disk test passed: Use the computer as normal
  • Error found and repaired: Use the computer as normal
  • Bad sector found and re-mapped
    • Restart the computer:
    • Run the hard drive test again if you find another error message displayed on your screen.
    • Use the computer as normal if there is no error message.
  • Specific error message and 24-digit failure ID code is displayed: Contact the HP Customer Support
  • Error Message SMART Check: Not Installed
  • Short DST: Not Installed:
    • Reload the default BIOS setup settings.
    • Refer to the specific HP document for your product and follow the instructions in the part of “Reload default BIOS Setup settings”
    • After reloading the default HIOS setup, run the hard drive diagnostic test again. If the error “Not Installed” message displayed again, contact the HP Customer Support to get help.
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Contact The HP for A Failed Hard Drive Test

If you have finished completing the hard drive diagnostic test through the steps given above but the problem still exists, it seems that contacting the HP for a failed hard drive test is very much necessary.

In this case, make sure you write down or copy the failure ID which consists of 24 digit code. The HP Customer Support team usually requires you to mention the ID.

Thus, when you are ready with your failure ID, don’t hesitate to contact the HP Customer Support to help you fix the Hard disk error HP.

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