GTA SA theme cover full arrangement w/ string section

GTA San Andreas Theme Cover Accurate Version (Strings section Included)

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Always loved this tune so here is my take on it!!!

While listening to other covers of this tune out there, i heard lots of elements were left out... So for this one I decided to include all instruments, sections and be as accurate as possible to the original arrangement. I have also added tiny-winy flavor of my own.

Hope you like this one as much as I loved making it! Peace !!!

( Tones/Instruments guide for interested
Besides the obvious Guitar/Bass/ EP/ Synth/ Strings/Drums here are the tones i used for these arrangement:

-Keys as Music-box/ Triangle/ Celesta/ Marimba/ Tubular Bells

-Flex-atone 'sampled file' 😉

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Original composer: Michael Hunter

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