Great Lines From Plays

I'm seeking input from you, and all other theatre fanatics everywhere...

Last year, for World Theatre Day, I put out a video with a montage of inspirational quotes about just how theatre inspires:

This year, World Theater Day is this Saturday, and I'm planning another montage with some of the all time great theatre lines, and I need your input, as spelled out in this quick call to action for the #shorts shelf....

We all know a million great movie lines, and for theatre who can forget "I have always depended on the kindness of strangers"? I'd have to put Linda Loman's "Attention must be paid" as a second (a distant 2nd) to the classic Blanche Dubois line, but after that there's not much that is so easily remembered about contemporary theatre.

It is our job as fans to create the immortality of famous lines. As I explain in the video, all of the famous Shakespeare quotes only got to be that way because those who appreciated his greatness were willing to do their part in preserving his memory for the ages.... we need to do the same thing to honor our great artists and give them the same rich afterlife they deserve.

Stay tuned for more theatre content... CLICK HERE:

And check out the book I refer to in the video...

Becoming Shakespeare, by Jack Lynch:

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