Gollum sings Edge of Dawn

A meh Gσllυɱ impression while singing - ᴛʜᴇ ҽԃɠҽ σϝ ԃαɯɳ

Blessed? 😇 or Cursed? 👹
I'll let you decide that...

Omg I'm finally finished with this and I hope I don't have to make a (meh)Gollum Impression anytime soon because my throat hurts like hell right now 😥.
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Fire Emblem Three Houses (Seasons of Warefare)

Video Title: Gσʅʅυɱ Sιɳɠʂ Eԃɠҽ σϝ Dαɯɳ

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If you are still reading here's a vid in which I could barely sing it's unlisted so you won't find it on the channel my voice was literally breaking https://youtu.be/dK3hPR1XjpY

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