Garkon Village | Aryagram | Off Season Leh Ladakh E03

Unterwegs team welcome you to Off Season Leh Ladakh series. In this video we will talk about ancient
Indo -Aryan village Aryagram. People from Aryan community stay in Aryagram. As per our knowledge Aryan people have descended from soldiers left Behind by Alexander .

Dah , Hanu , Darchik and Garkon villages together form the Aryan village. But we will be mainly focusing on Garkon village in Aryagram where we visited .Garkon village is almost 86 kilometre from Kargil Town is an amazingly beautiful town situated between mountains.The scenic beauty, the people ,the tradition and the warm welcome which you get in the village ,you will not find anywhere is in your Ladakh trip.

Tourists also visit Aryagram to witness the traditional marriage ceremony happening there .We suggest that you plan your trip during such occasions so that you may witness this kind of Ceremonies.
You could see glimpses of ancient civilization in every streets , in every house and in every corner in the village .All the houses in the village are made out of stones.
Tepi is the traditional wear of this region ,which are decorated with flowers .
Snupapa is a local food made from Barley Flour and is Almond oil and ghee. The local wine is known as Chung .The local language of the people is Broskat.

Payupa Guest House:
You can stay in Payupa Guest House in Garkon Village.
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