Full stop. A short film on depression | Towards my dream |

Full Stop | A short film on depression| #18 | Towards my dream |

Life doesn't wait for a full stop, it ends in the middle of a sentence.
So Manny is dumb and something terrible happened with him which led him to knock the door of depression. See him overcoming his fear and whether he succeed or failed?
A quick message from me:
Who am I ? I m Sulakshy Rawat . A 15 year old dude soon turning into 16 and I have a dream, a dream to meet people who inspired me and many like me to come on this platform and be a part of this large world of YouTube, YES THEORY. I am from India and want to go to Los Angeles to meet them but before that I wanted to pop this small bubble of comfort in which I am from many many years and for doing so I am gonna do 30 things which I never did before in 30 days the way they started it buttttt here's a catch we are not allowed to Leave our houses due to this wide spreading corona epidemic so I am gonna do these all things inside my home and once a wise man said dream the wildest and dream the biggest that you can. So here I am towards my dream hope you'll connect with me and do like, share and subscribe and leave a recommendation on what should I do in the comment section below!!!! See you soon...

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