Fug Member’s I Tower of God

Fug Member's I Tower of God

This video is about FUG Member's from Tower Of God.
FUG revolt against Zahard ( King of Tower ).

FUG is founded by Grace Mirchea Luslec.
FUG is consist of Elder , Slayers, Executive, High Priest and Slayer Candidate, and there are some affiliation too.

Here are Information about FUG :-

Leader & Founder :- Grace Mirchea Luslec

Elder :-
Khel Hellam
Sophia Tan

Slayers :-
Grace Mirchea Luslec ( no. 1 )
Baylord Yama ( no. 7 )
White ( no. 10 )
Karaka ( no. 11 )
Pephomemore Seto

Slayer Candidate :-
Baam ( Jyu Viole Grace )

High Priest :-

Executives :-
Ha Jinsung
Yu Han Sung

Affiliations :-
The five Flower Nation
Land of the Peach
Hidden Grove
Wall of Peaceful Coexistence

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