How to Fix Error Unable to Access Jarfile Minecraft

There are some kinds of common problems related to the Java class files and it is usually stated ‘Unable to Access Jarfile’, and this condition may happen for the people who have a problem when they are playing Minecraft.

So, you need to know to read this article which helps you with the problem of error unable to access jarfile Minecraft. This error is usually happening when the file of Java is unable to get the JAR.

Therefore, the players need to get the best solution of how to encounter the problem related to the error of the Jarfile during their time playing the Minecraft game. You may need to see some of these points below which may help you a lot to fix the problem:

Error Unable to Access Jarfile Minecraft

Get the Most Updated Java Installation

When the Minecraft players are having trouble and they cannot access the Jarfile Minecraft, it is mostly about the out-of-date Java version that they still use.

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So, the out-of-date programs here cannot do the process of opening the JAR files without no update of Java’s newest version. It is always suggested to install the newest Java version, and you can also do several steps here:

1. When you reach your desktop, you may just operate the ‘R’ and ‘Windows’ buttons together. When the box of dialogue menu appears, you can start to type on the box with ‘appwiz. cpl’ and process it directly by pressing enter or you may do it by clicking ‘OK’

2. After the menu of ‘Programs and Features’ is already open, you can directly reach the Java entry and do the right-clicking, after that you can do the action of Java uninstall.

After you did uninstall the Java program you may install the newest Java version which you may directly get from the Java website (the official one)

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3. Do the latest version installed and you also need to restart your computer before you play Minecraft game with the latest Java version which is already installed.

Malware and Viruses Checking Regularly

It is commonly happening when the Malwares avoid you to open the files of JAR since Malware can change some of the JAR keys. By having the adjustment, it may surely give an error and therefore you need to do the general checking on your computer to get the Malware which still exists.

You can also use the application of anti-virus to find out the Malware and make sure you remove it. Malware and viruses may also become the cause of error unable to access Jarfile Minecraft.

Adjust File Association to the Default Mode

Another solution that you may try is by adjusting the file association back to the default mode. There are some actions that you may need to take to adjust the file association goes back to the default mode:

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1. Directly access the JAR file, right-clicking the file and you can directly open the file through Java. You can also do the action by pressing the ‘I’ and ‘Windows’ buttons to open the menu of settings.

2. You may directly reach the menu application and you need to choose the option of the default application.

3. You can find the jar, file. by choosing the ‘Choose Default Apps by the File Type’.

If you are already done with these several steps, you need to make sure that the chosen file can be accessed by Java, do not forget to save the changes that you already made. So, these are all the actions that you can take to fix the problem of error unable to access Jarfile Minecraft.

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