Epson WiFi Printer Setup and Managing the Wireless Connection

Managing Epson WiFi printer setup isn’t as hard as you believe, but be sure that you know some of the requirements before you start the process.

You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to be able to connect your printer to the network. Even if you think that you don’t have any clue about the whole thing, you can still manage the setup, provided that you know what to do.

Checking the Requirements

If you want to manage Epson WiFi printer setup, make sure that you have checked these things:

  1. Do you know the name of your network as well as the password?
  2. Have the printer been set with a wireless connection? Or the Ethernet connection?
  3. Have you downloaded the Connect Setup Utility (from Epson) and installed it?
  4. Does the printer support wireless connection? Because there are several Epson printer types that don’t support wireless connection at all

How to Set the Wireless Connection up

So, how do you start the Epson WiFi printer setup process?

  • Turn on the printer
  • On the control panel (on the printer), there is a Home button. Press it.
  • To access WiFi setup, use the already provided arrow button before pressing OK
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Epson WiFi Printer Setup

  • Choose OK until you have seen the available selection. Then go with WiFi Setup Wizard, and then choose OK

Epson WiFi Printer Setup

  • The printer will perform searching action to find the network. Pick the name displayed on the screen.

Epson WiFi Printer Setup

  • Provide the (network) password

Epson WiFi Printer Setup

  • Let the system process it for a while before pressing OK

Epson WiFi Printer Setup

  • That’s it! Your printer is now connected successfully to the WiFi

Dealing with Troubleshooting WiFi Connection Issue

Although you have followed the directions carefully and you made sure that everything runs smoothly, there is always a possibility that your printer may not work properly.

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When you want to deal with the troubleshooting issue, here are some things to ensure:

  • Check whether the WiFi name (and also password) are right
  • Check whether there is any interface between the devices. If there is, it’s probably the one causing the issue
  • Check the network connection. Does it run properly and correctly?
  • Check whether your printer has the latest (and also the right) driver
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Performing Check for the Latest Driver

If you find out that your printer is problematic, there is always a possibility that you need to use the latest driver. And if the driver does need updating, then you can do it in two ways:

Manual option. You need to understand that Epson always updates their printers’ drivers regularly. If you prefer the manual option, you need to have some patience and (computer) skills to do it.

You need to do it step by step on your own. Check the Epson official site, perform searching for your type, and then find the right driver that supports the system.

Once you are sure that you find the right one, download it. After you are done, you still need to follow the instructions to do the installation. After it is done, then you have updated your driver.

Automatic option. This is the most recommended option because it is the easiest and also the fastest. Simply use Driver Easy to do the update automatically.

Not only it will help you with the installation, but it can also recognize the system, find the proper driver, and then install everything on its own.

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Making errors? Not possible. However, Driver Easy is available in two service options: the Free and the Pro. If you choose the Pro, the process would be shorter, easier, and simpler.

If you prefer the Automatic option, make sure to download Driver Easy first and then install it. When it runs, click the button Scan Now so it will scan the system to reveal the problem.

Click the button Update so you can get the correct (and proper) version of the latest driver. Or, if you want it faster, simply choose the option Update All so you can get the right drivers needed by the system.

But if you go with the Update All option, you can only do it with the Pro package.


Dealing with WiFi setup management doesn’t have to be complicated, but make sure that you understand what you need to do. Don’t underestimate Epson WiFi printer setup process just because it looks simple.

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