Epson Scanner Setup for Different Network Types

On the contrary to what people believe, managing your own Epson scanner setup doesn’t have to complicated or difficult.

If you have an Epson scanner, you should be able to manage the connection so you can boost your productivity and work.

In most cases, people would hire a professional service to do the connection setup, but once you know how, you can do it by yourself.

Epson Scan Network Setup

Do you know that this device can be functioned to scan through different connection types? Yes, you can use USB connection or you can use the wireless connection.

You can also use a wired system to manage the setting. That’s why it is crucial to understand how to manage the proper Epson scanner setup.

However, you should understand that Epson Scan device is designed by default to perform scanning through USB cable.

So, if you open Epson Scan and you connect it through wireless connection or the network, you will get an error message. So, how do you deal with the settings?

  • Open Epson Scan Settings
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Epson Scanner Setup

  • You will get a dropdown list, and you must choose your device from that list. In the event you can’t see the product’s name in the list, you need to go to the official site
  • In Connection Type section, choose it to Network

Epson Scanner Setup

  • Choose Add. The button is on the bottom side of the open window

Epson Scanner Setup

  • There would be an IP address within the list. You need to click it and then OK. If you can’t find the IP address, choose Enter Address. You will have to type the IP address which is provided on the slot, close to the bottom side of the open window

Epson Scanner Setup

Epson Scanner Setup

  • Go with Test. The result for successful outcome would be different from the unsuccessful one. If it is successful, you will get a successful message. If it is unsuccessful, you will get a message that the scanner can’t connect or communicate with the computer.

Epson Scanner Setup

Network Scanning Setup

You can also manage Epson scanner setup with network scanning. It can be done through Epson Network Interface Unit.

If you want to connect to the network, you must verify and confirm that both of the units (the network and the scanner) are working well.

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Once you have confirmed everything, you need to follow the instructions through Epson Scan 2 (Utility).

In the event you connect through direct connection, you must configure the scanner manually (to the network). The scanner must also be activated and then connected (to the network).

You will have to note down the scanner’s host name and IP address, so you are able to enter the info.

  • Do these things to activate Epson Scan Utility 2
  • If you have Windows 10, choose Start, and then Epson, and then Epson Scan 2 Utility
  • If you have Windows 8.x, go to Apps section and choose Epson Scan 2 Utility
  • If you have other versions of Windows, choose Start, and then All Programs, and go with Epson, and Epson
  • Scan 2. You should now be able to see Epson Scan 2 Utility
  • If you have Mac, open the folder Applications, choose Epson Software, and choose Epson Scan 2 Utility
  • You will see the drop down list for the scanner. Choose Settings. In the event you see a lock icon (for Mac) or
  • Enable Editing option (for Windows), click on it
  • Choose the scanner and choose Add, then do one of these: Under the option Search for Network, choose the IP address. Or choose the scanner and then go with Add
  • Choose the setting Enter Address, type the IP address (or the host name) and then go with Add
  • Choose OK so you can check the connection. You will see a confirmation message
  • Then choose OK to save the settings as well as closing the Utility
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Final Words

Don’t forget to manage the setup so you can make the scanner functional. Remember, if you don’t do the initial setup, you won’t be able to operate the scanner properly.

If you don’t have any technical background or knowledge, you are still able to manage the setup quite well as long as you follow the directions on the user manual.

Just check and make sure of Epson scanner setup in the right manner.

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