Epson Scanner Error: Possible Reasons and Solutions

If you have Epson printer and scanner, there is always a possibility that you may encounter the so-called Epson scanner error.

There are different types of errors that may happen, from the communication failure between the computer and scanner, or the scanner simply doesn’t want to go on. Don’t worry.

There are several problems, but there are also solutions to those issues. There is more than one way to deal with each different issue.

Epson Scanner Error

The Scanner Won’t Go on

What should you when your scanner simply won’t activate? Among the common Epson scanner error, this one is pretty regular.

It means that it isn’t weird or odd that it may happen to you.

You need to:

  • Check whether the power cord (of the scanner) is properly connected. It’s possible that it may be loose on either side: whether it’s on the electric outlet or the scanner. Just make sure that it is attached securely and it fits just right.
  • Check whether the electric outlet does work. If you have an electric meter, you can use it to test the power. If not, try plugging in other types of electronic devices. If they work, then your electric outlet is okay
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Pressing Start Doesn’t Start the Device

The best way if you deal with this issue is to check whether Epson scan has been correctly installed. If you are using Windows XP and Vista, choose the tab Events.

It’s located in the Properties window of the scanner. Check the section Take No Action, to ensure that it’s not chosen. In the list box for Select an Event, ensure that Start Button has been picked.

Also choose Start this Program section. You can check Assigning a Program (to the Start Button) if you want to know the details.

If you use Windows 2000, go to Properties window (of the scanner) and go with Events tab. The check box Disable Device Events shouldn’t be ticked.

Check whether the Start Button has been ticked within the list box of Scanner Events. Also make sure that the desired app has been chosen within the list Send to This Application List.

If you use Mac OS X, ensure that you would be logged in as the proper user installing the software (for the scanner).

Other users have to start (first) of the Epson Scanner Monitor (which is located in the Application) folder. Then choose Start button to do the checking.

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Error Indicators

When Epson scanner error happens, the device would automatically stop working. You can actually tell from the indicator lights (Error and Ready) about the type of problems that you have to deal with.

1. If both the red and green error lights are on, it means that your scanner gets incorrect commands form its software.

Try scanning (the document) again. When it gets correct commands, then it will go back to function normally. You won’t have to reset the device if it happens.

2. If the red error light is flashing while the green error light is off, then it experiences wrong communication procedure.

It’s also possible that it experiences time-out if it uses a SCSI interface. It this problem occurs, reset it by turning it off and then on again.

But if you use the SCSI interface, turn your computer off first. Then follow the right sequence for power-on.

3. If both red and green error lights are flashing, it is positive that an error has taken place. You need to check whether the computer is properly connected to the scanner.

Check whether the software (for the scanner) has been installed fully. Also check whether there is a possibility of paper jam, especially on the ADF.

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If there is one, remove it. You can turn the device off and then on. If the lights are flashing (still), then the scanner in a malfunction state. But it’s also possible that the device’s lamp requires replacing.

The Scanner Won’t Turn off

If this is the issue, you need to check whether the software is already off – it shouldn’t be running. If it is still running, then it’s logical if your scanner refuses to be off.

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Final Words

All in all, there are some common issues happening to your scanner. If you are familiar with Epson scanner error, then you should be able to deal with them quite well.

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