Epson Projector Wireless Setup and Managing the System

Some of the latest Epson projectors are designed with wireless technology, so knowing how to manage Epson projector wireless setup can be quite useful.

Instead of using a cable to connect the projector to your computer, isn’t it nicer if you can manage the wireless technology to deliver seamless and effortless experience?

There are ways and steps that you can do to do on your own.

Connecting the Projector Wirelessly

You can manage Epson projector wireless setup on your Mac or Windows computer. But first, access the projector’s user guide so you can learn about proper (wireless) LAN module installation.

Afterwards, install Epson iProjection software on the device that you are going to project. If you are going to use a laptop, install the software there. If you are going to use a tablet, then you should install the software there.

Be advised, though, that wireless LAN module won’t be included with the projector. Feel free to buy it separately from Epson Store – or from other sources.

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And LAN module method isn’t always needed for projectors that are already available with built-in wireless function.

If you are using Windows device, the wireless connection can be set with Epson iProjection software and USB Key Quick Wireless Connection.

Another possible way is to send images or pictures to the projector by using Miracast technology from (mobile) devices like tablets, smartphones, or laptops. But this Miracast technology can only work for Pro EX9220 type.

Moreover, you will require a USB flash drive if you want to create USB Key Quick Wireless Connection. If you want to learn more about Epson projector wireless setup, consult the user guide.

Managing the Setup

In order to choose the network setting within the projector, here is the thing to do:

  • Activate the projector
  • Choose Menu (you need to do it on the remote control). Choose Network, and then Enter
  • Check the Wireless Mode. It should be set to the option Wireless LAN On
  • Choose the Network Configuration and then Enter
  • Go with Wireless LAN and Enter
  • Pick Connection Mode and then proceed with Enter
  • You are then required to choose one of these actions: If you want a direct connection to the computer, then pick
  • Quick and Enter. If you want to include connection’s security setting, go with Security, set the WPA2-PSK, and press Esc. Go with Passphrase and feed in the passphrase (consisting of at least 8 characters). Choose Finish, and then Enter. After all of the process completes, go with Esc to exit the process.
  • Choose Complete. You will get instructions of what to do next on the screen. Save the setting and exit.
  • Epson has their own guide to Connect Directly the Projector and Computer. Access their page and learn about the process.
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Be advised that passphrase is extremely case sensitive. You need to know the details of the password and make sure that everything is properly written.

Accessing Access Point or Router

This is still the continuation of the previous stage.

  • If you want to connect to an access point, choose Advanced and then Enter. To get back to the previous Wireless LAN, you can choose Esc.
  • Go with Search Access Point and Enter
  • Use the remote control’s arrow buttons to choose the SSID (network name) on the provided list. When required, feed the password.
  • Choose Finish and Enter
  • Choose IP Settings and Enter. Even if the network has automatically assigned the addresses, you need to check whether the DHCP is on. If it doesn’t happen automatically, turn the DHCP off and feed the IP address, gateway address, and also subnet mask manually.
  • Do you set wireless security in the network? If yes, choose Security from Wireless LAN and then choose Enter.
  • Match up the settings of the projector to the one on the network
  • Go with Esc to exit the Wireless LAN section
  • Choose Complete. Instructions would be displayed on the screen to help you save the settings and also exit (the menus)
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Final Words

Managing the setup isn’t difficult at all, but you need to pay attention to every step that you are executing.

Again, having a wireless technology is quite helpful for better productivity, but such a technology would be useless if you don’t know how to manage Epson projector wireless setup properly.

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